xDrill Smart Power Drill Supports Intelligent Speed/Torque, Laser Measuring, Digital Leveling (Crowdfunding)

Many home appliances now have smart functions, and in my cases, I fail to see the added value, and I’m not sure why I’d want/need a connected refrigerator with a touchscreen display. So when I first saw somebody make a “smart” power drill with a small touchscreen display I laughed.

But after having a closer look, Robbox xDrill smart power drill could actually be a very useful device saving you time and helping work better. The touchscreen is used for settings but also serves as a level tool to make sure the drill is aligned horizontally or at the angle of your choice, and you can also set the drilling depth. There are also two lasers that measure distances, so you don’t need to use a measuring tape and pencil anymore.

xDrill key features and specifications:

  • Built-in microcontroller with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity (is that an ESP32 inside?)
  • Display – LCD touchscreen display
  • Brushless digital motor
  • Manual speed/torque lever (2000 or 600 rpm), forward & reserve button
  • Lasers – 180 degrees rotating laser, bottom laser
  • Features – Leaser measuring (depth control, distance measurement), digital leveling, smart speed/torque based on the selected material
  • Corded charging station
  • Battery – 21V fully charged in about 45 minutes; 3 hours work rate per charge
  • Weight – 1.5 kg

The company will also provide a mobile app for Android and iOS to save measurements, find the drill, lock the drill if stolen, report usage data such as runtime, torque, speed, and the number of times the drill may have dropped.

Robbox has recently launched xDrill smart power drill on Kickstarter where they have easily surpassed their 30,000 CAD (~$22.500 US) funding target. Rewards start at $291 US for xDrill with the battery, charging station, and one year warranty. Shipping adds around $22.5 US, and backers will have to be patient, as xDrill is only expected to start shipping in February 2021.

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1 month ago

That’s an expensive drill. Unless you are really going to use its questionable geeky features, you’re better off with normal drive, for example, a Milwaukee One-Key Bluetooth drill.

I’d recommend taking a look at the Toolguyd write up before spending that kind of money:

1 month ago

I’ll pass…all the good colors were taken