Android 11 on Android TV Launches for the Big Screen

Android 11 may have been released for smartphones on September 8th, but Google has just only announced the launch of Android 11 on Android TV for an optimized experience on the big screen.

The version of the TV-optimized operating system builds on the many new features introduced for Android 11, but also adds performance and privacy improvements, new features tailored for the TV, and updated developer tools.

Android 11 on Android TV

One of the notable TV-related improvements in Android 11 includes HDMI 2.1’s Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) which allows the latency setting to be automatically established depending on the applications, as for instance, many games require the lowest possible latency, while it’s not really an issue for movies and videos.

Android 11 on Android TV also adds low latency media decoding, a new Tuner Framework with updated Media CAS support, extensions to the HAL implementation of HDMI CEC, extended gamepad support, silent boot mode for system updates, inactivity prompts, and OEM configurable wake keys. A new framework functionality for managing System LEDs and physical microphone mute buttons also facilitate integrations for far-field microphone enabled devices.

App developers may also find the new version of Android TV to be easier to work with thanks to the addition of a test harness mode on Android TV and Play Store support in the Android TV Emulator.

Android 11 is already available on ADT-3 devices today, and Android TV OEMs are expected to upgrade existing devices or launch new Android 11 TV boxes over the coming months. More details may be found on the developer page.

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5 Replies to “Android 11 on Android TV Launches for the Big Screen”

  1. There was also a rumour that they would rename Android TV to ”Google TV”. Or at least that their upcoming dongle would be named something like ”Nest Chromecast with Google TV”

    1. I did not know about that. The fun thing is that Android TV used to be called Google TV. So we had “Google TV boxes” and “Android TV boxes” with “mobile” Android. When Google decided to change the name it created some kind of naming mess, as “Android TV box” lost its original meaning.

      1. Yes there are several roumors that the new codename ”Sabrina” dongle will be named ”Nest Chromecast with Android TV” with the indication that it will run full Android TV and not the stripped down version that older Chromecast Video dongles run.

        I think those old Google TV was all x86 before they abandonded it and released Android TV. The old Google TV not go well because Google did not put enough effort into TV as a platform, which is something that they still have not really done but hoping that will change with Android TV 11 and the major uptake in TV as a platform last few years and now especially with COVID-19

  2. Why can they simply not issue Android with the option to switch between the standard and TV interfaces.

    The idea of having the Play store access restricted on the TV version is stupid.

  3. Tested the new AndroidTV 11 (R), it is smooth, nothing super new or ground breaking to get super excited about; but the initial ground work done is a good base for the manufactures to spice things up a bit, like Nvidia catering to the enthusiast crowd for their Shield line of products. If you are already familiar with AndroudTV 8 Oreo or TV 9 Pie then it is more of the same, just a natural progression.

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