ESP32 CNC Controller Board Supports Grbl Arduino Firmware

ESP32 CNC Controller Board
Wireless CNC board fitted with ESP32 board and three stepper motor drivers

Grbl_ESP32 CNC development board is a breakout board for NodeMCU 32S board that also takes three stepper motor drivers, and designed to run Grbl open-source Arduino firmware to control wireless CNC machines.

Grbl_ESP32 CNC breakout board specifications:

  • Socket for NodeMCU 32S board with ESP32 WiFi and Bluetooth dual-core SoC
  • 3 sockets for stepper motor drivers such as TI DRV8825 types and others. Micro-step selection jumpers included.
  • MicroSD card socket
  • Home/Limit switch connections for XY and Z axes.
  • Control switch input connections for Feed Hold, Cycle Start, Reset, and Door.
  • Spindle output for PWM to control speed.
  • 3A DC-DC power supply to run the ESP32 if it is not connected to USB
Bare board

Grbl CNC firmware was initially developed for the Arduino UNO and basic 3 axis CNC routers around 10 years ago, but has since then been ported to other CPUs and is now found in other types of CNC machines as well as 3D printers.

You’ll find the Grbl firmware for ESP32 on Github, together with the hardware design files of Grbl_ESP32 CNC controller board in another repository.

The bare board is sold for $24.95 on Tindie, where you’ll also find the ESP32 board flashed with Grbl firmware, and three Texas Instruments DRV8825 stepper motor drivers offered as options for a total of $63.95 plus shipping.

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4 Replies to “ESP32 CNC Controller Board Supports Grbl Arduino Firmware”

  1. Fun, it’s exactly what I started to consider building myself, except I felt a bit too lazy. Maybe I’ll order one. Thanks for the tip!

  2. GRBL ESP32 encountered a problem, the X STEP line is not inverted with the rest, everything is fine, rummaged through the code but did not dig out anything yet.

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