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Obsidian ESP32 Board Follows Raspberry Pi Model A Form Factor (Crowdfunding)

When Thomas McKahan‏ had been playing with ESP32 for a while, he found the need to use Raspberry Pi HAT boards and enclosure with his new hardware,  so he went ahead and designed his own ESP32 board compatible with Raspberry Pi accessories, and following the smaller Raspberry Pi Model A / 3 Model A+ form factor.

Obsidian ESP32 specifications:

3D Printed Enclosure for Obsidian ESP32

While the board will theoretically fit into any Raspberry Pi case such as Adafruit Pi A enclosure, the board has quite a lower profile and different port arrangement, so Thomas also made the 3D printed enclosure pictured above which expose the 40-header to outside world and the connectors of the board.

Software-wise, Obsidian ESP32 supports the ESP-IDF framework, ESP32 Arduino Core and MicroPython, while the board has been designed with KiCad and the hardware design files such as the schematics and PCB layout will soon be released under the CERN OHL v1.2 license.

40-pin header pinout diagram

Obsidian ESP32 board has just launched on Crowd Supply with a $3,000 funding target. You can get the board with a $35 pledge, or $60 to get it with the 3D printed case. Shipping is free to the US, but adds $10 to $15 to the rest of the world depending on the rewards. Backers can expect their perk(s) to get delivered in November 2019.

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