$100 thermal insert heat press ease the installation of threaded brass inserts into 3D printed parts

One method to install threaded brass inserts into a 3D printed part is to use a soldering iron. But you need to make sure to keep it vertically aligned and slowly press the insert into the plastic. A more reliable and safer method is to use a professional heat staking machine, aka thermal press machine, that typically costs over $2,000 according to the speaker in the aforelinked video.

So people have come up with DIY solutions based on an off-the-shelf soldering iron and costing less than $50. Another way if you’d rather not built your own is to get thermal insert heat press sold for $99.99 on Tindie.

thermal insert heat press


explains the heat press has some advantages including adjustable temperature, a spring return insert arm that rotates for easy alignment, tee slots for mounting tooling, and tooling for #4-40 and M3 inserts.

The Thermal Insert Heat Press is currently sold on Tindie for $99.99 plus shipping.


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4 months ago

I would be fine with just TS100 or TS80 insert tip :-\