BLUETTI EP500 is a power bank & UPS for home appliances (Crowdfunding)

Many people are using a power bank to extend the battery life of their mobile device(s), and there are also laptop power banks which higher capacity and support for 12V and/or 19-20V besides the usual 5V.

But BLUETTI EP500 & EP500Pro go up a notch as the systems aim at powering multiple home appliances or be used as UPS in case of power failure, or whenever you need to use tools or appliances away from the mains.

Bluetti EP500BLUETTI EP500 & EP500Pro specifications:

  • Control system based on Texas Instruments C2000 dual-core Arm+DSP real-time microcontroller
  • AC Rated Power
    • EP500 – 2000W (peak 4800W less than 500ms)
    • EP500Pro – 3000W (peak 6000W less than 500ms)
  • Power Input
    • EP500
      • 600W max, 100-264V AC via AC input – Charging time around 9 to 10 hours
      • 1,200W max via PV input or T500 input (55-145V DC, 20A) – Charging time around 5 hours with solar panels in optimal conditions
    • EP500Pro
      • 3,000W max via AC input – Charging time under 4 hours using 110W, under 3 hours with 220W.
      • 2,400W max via PV input or T500 input (35-150V DC, 12A x2 or 12V/24V, 8.2A) – Charging time around 3 hours with solar panels
  • Output ports
    • AC
      • EP500 – 3x 220-240V AC. 4x 100-120V AC
      • EP500Pro – 3x 220-240V AC, 5x 100-120V AC
    • USB-C – EP500: 1x 100W; EP500Pro: 2x 100W
    • USB-A – 2x quick charging (36W) ports, 2x 5V/3A ports
    • Cigarette lighter – 1x 12V DC, 10A
    • RV (Aviation port) – 1x 12V DC, 30A
    • DC jacks (5.5/2.1mm) – 2x 12V DC, 10A total
    • Wireless charging pads – 2x 5/7.5/10/15W
  • Battery – 5,100Wh LiFePO4 battery for over 6000 charging cycles
  • Dimensions – 580 x 300 x 760 mm
  • Weight
    • EP500 – 76 kg
    • EP500Pro – 83 kg
  • Temperature Range
    • Charge – 0 to +40°C
    • Discharge – -20 to +40°C
    • Storage – 0 to 45°C
  • Humidity – 10-90%
  • Certifications – PSE, FCC, CE, UN38.3, msds, UL, SAA and ROHS

power bank for home appliances

The power system can power kitchen equipment (e.g. 1,000W microwave oven for 4 hours), home appliances (e.g. 1,500W heater for 2.8 hours), power tools (usually a little over two hours), or even top up your electric car battery for a few more miles/kilometers.

Charging is possible via the mains or solar panels using MPTT (Maximum Power Point Tracker), and faster charging under two hours is also possible when combining both.

Bluetiti Fixed UPS
Fixed UPS mode

Two UPS modes are possible:

  • Flexible UPS where you just connect the system to the mains and whatever appliances requiring backup power.
  • Fixed UPS – A BLUETTI UPS Box can be installed by a qualified licensed electrician to connect your EP500 or EP500 Pro to the building’s main switchboard, and separate critical equipment and non-critical equipment.

Split bonding is also possible with the combination of two BLUETTI EP500 home power banks through the BLUETTI Split Phase Box to double the AC output and storage capacity. This option is only valid for the US version of the system.

Home power bank split bonding

You can also lower your electric bills by charging the battery during off-peak hours, and use the EP500 Series system during peak hours. A mobile app for Android or iOS will also be released to monitoring and control the unit, as well as update the firmware.

BLUETTI EP500 & EP500Pro power systems launched on Kickstarter a few days ago and already raised over 2.5 million dollars with 53 days to go. The EP500 model requires a $3,159 pledge, while $3,799 is asked for the EP500Pro power system. Shipping is free to the US but adds $180 to $600 to other countries where shipping is available (Australia, Canada, and various European countries). Backers should expect their reward(s) to ship in August or October 2021 depending on the selected perk(s).

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3 years ago

How long can you run an STM32F4 board with 5100Wh?

Jean-Philippe Morin
Jean-Philippe Morin
3 years ago

This is a sponsored post, as your link contains a referral. Please make that clear. It’s important to note this isn’t the first Bluetti battery crowdfunding campaign. They did the same with their AC200 model on Indiegogo. They also got other products currently available on Amazon such as the Maxoak 1500Wh (same company/brand). Their products are good though, I own the 1500Wh model and would love a 5100Wh model, the price is great too! Almost the same as 2x1500Wh devices.

3 years ago

The weak spot is obviously the inverter’s limited life expectancy. Five to ten years if you’re lucky…

3 years ago

It can be a nice way to make significant power savings when using renewable energy. Most of the time you can’t use a solar panel because you have nowhere to store the energy. Here at least you can store quite a bit of it, and use it, for example, to heat water, to operate the washing machine or the kitchen tools. However it’s not sufficient alone to save money (typically less than 1 EUR/day in France), it should first be seen as a UPS, which in addition can help cut costs. My grand parents used to live in the country… Read more »

3 years ago

$3800 device to save money? Last i heard, best way to save money is not spend.

3 years ago

It’s what solar panel vendors justify: their customers are expected to save money after many years of operation. After all, saving 1 EUR/day means that in 11 years you recover your investment.

Paul M
Paul M
3 years ago

For that kind of money you can buy a Sofar hybrid inverter and a pylontech battery, wish you cab then add solar panels to or more batteries.

3 years ago

That’s a nice package but a few of the features like wireless charging aren’t that useful to me so I wonder what the base materials cost and which skills you’d need to pick up to build an equivalent battery pack with cut down features.

Pim Vullers
Pim Vullers
3 years ago

Fully agree. If it’s a big battery focus on that and just provide common outputs. For all the other things people usually already have tools which they can then just plug in.

3 years ago

looks nice, but 3000$, i can pay my electic bill for 6 years, and you can buy a lot of fuel and a nice generator

3 years ago

Actual fuel might be less flammable too.

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