Raspberry Pi availability improves, “unlimited supplies” expected by H2 2023

The Raspberry Pi SBCs have been in short supply for a couple of years, especially for individual buyers since Raspberry Pi Trading prioritizes commercial customers, but Eben Upton has just announced some good news with over 100,000 boards comprised of a mix of Raspberry Pi Zero W, Pi 3A+, and Raspberry Pi 4 2GB and 4GB variants being made available for single-unit sales through approved resellers.

Eben however notes there’s more to do, and recommends buying from an approved reseller to get the boards at the recommended retail price (RRP), checking rpilocator to check for availability, and potentially considering switching to the Raspberry Pi Pico or Pico W if the project allows it as there’s plenty of stock for the MCU boards. Industrial and enterprise customers who still have issues can get in touch with the company by email using business <at> raspberrypi.com. But based on some feedback I received, it does not necessarily help if your product ships in really low volumes (< 100 pieces).

Raspberry Pi Availability

Going forward, Raspberry Pi Trading expects supplies to recover to pre-pandemic levels in Q2 2023, and the availability issue should be fully resolved sometime in H2 2023 with “unlimited supplies” (later clarified as “hundreds of thousands of units available at any given time”), even for individual customers and single-unit orders. The Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W should come back into general availability first, followed by the Raspberry Pi 3A+, and finally Raspberry Pi 4 boards and CM4 modules.

The not-so-good news is that after the earlier price increase for the Raspberry Pi 4 2GB to $45 and all CM4 modules costing $5 more, the price for the Raspberry Pi Zero boards will have to be increased as well. Specifically, the price of Raspberry Pi Zero will go from $5 to $10, and Zero W from $10 to $15. One silver lining is that there shouldn’t be any single-unit limitations when purchasing a Pi Zero, something that was implemented since its launch in 2015.

Raspberry Pi 4 Pilocator
Raspberry Pi 4 stock or lack thereof on Pilocator on December 13, 2022

I can see some Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ boards and Raspberry Pi CM4 1GB RAM modules in Rpilocator, but when I filter results for Raspberry Pi 4 there’s absolutely nothing in stock. That means you’d have to look for alternative (non-approved) resellers, such as RAKwireless who is currently selling a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB kit with a heatsink and thermal plate for $79, or pay big bucks on Amazon or eBay.

Via the Raspberry Pi Blog

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10 Replies to “Raspberry Pi availability improves, “unlimited supplies” expected by H2 2023”

    1. Yes and No.There are multiple factors in play here. In the pandemic they scrapped a lot of container ships. The prices to scrap metal spiked and they used it as opportunity to get the most out of the container ships. Not to mention there is a backlog of consumer items that have to get shipped and produced. But they should be out by now. There have also been a lot of companies that bought a shit ton of chips, because they are scared they may not get enough supply any time soon. But a chip shortage is also a normal part of the cycle of this industry. It’s known, but it never has been as problematic. Then you had/have the issues at the actual ports. Some are still behind. Then there is the boycott of Russian oil/gas which causes some issues in some economies. China is mostly still under lockdown or slowed down at least. Well, on the other side: If China actually goes back to 100%, that would mean a huge demand in oil and gas, which would spike the prices even more.
      Q4 should bring some better time. The new fabs they started building in the pandemic should start producing chips.

      1. Corporate Greed, when demand out strips supply shove the price high.

        Smater Corporate Greed, intentionally restrict supply, get more profit for the same work. Then blame others for the high price. Block America from extracting cheap Oil and Gas.

  1. I can hardly wait for those highly overprices RPis to be made null by new ones available at the recommended price. I want to get maybe 1 or 2 RPi Zero W for some side projects and a CM4 for a portable retro console.

  2. I don’t support toxic RPI but since it is Crimbo. German, French, Italy, Spain keyboard RPI 400 are showing in stock at UK supplier, shop.sb-components.co.uk, £80 plus p&p.

    Do your own due diligence 😜

    1. Not like these past years. I barely managed to get a RPi 4 and a Pi Zero 2 W. And there are also scalpers, people scalp anything these days.

  3. I was just looking at Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W on rpilocator. It seems Adafruit (US) had at least one in stock yesterday [13-Dec-2022] for the regular $15.00 MSRP. If that was true, Adafruit must have sold out in a jiffy. I never got an in-stock notification message – maybe there is a deep waiting list.

    To attempt thwarting greedy scalpers Adafruit was limiting sales to one RPi board (not Pico) per customer, and now I see that to-buy a login is required with two-factor authentication. It really sux being a second class customer to deep-pockets commercial buyers. This unfair treatment by Raspberry Pi Trading has really harmed the Raspberry Pi Community, which IMO was the product’s real strength.

    “Going forward, Raspberry Pi Trading expects supplies to recover to pre-pandemic levels in Q2 2023, and the availability issue should be fully resolved sometime in H2 2023 with ‘unlimited supplies'”

    Sounds optimistic. Let’s pray we don’t get into China Pandemic v3.0 and/or [God forbid] war with China over Taiwan by then. China is bristling for war with someone now that the U.S. has been driven into the dumps by Biden and distracted by Pootie killing Ukrainian Citizens left-and-right using Iran supplied drones and rockets. Yesterday I read China was fighting with India again![1]

    1. China and India: On the Brink of a War?


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