CALAO Systems Introduces PInBALL Industrial Board Based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module

CALAO Systems has just launched an industrial single board computer (SBC) for professional Raspberry Pi developers called PiNBALL or, if you prefer, PAC-1210-S200-B2835-EXX…. The board is powered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, features interfaces such as two mini PCIe slots (for USB, I2C, GPIOs,…), fast Ethernet, HDMI, opto-isolated inputs and outputs, etc., +6 to +36V power input, and can operate in -20°C to +70°C temperature range.

Calao Systems PInBall Board with R-Pi Module (Click to Enlarge)
Calao Systems PInBall Board with R-Pi Module (Click to Enlarge)

PInBALL industrial SBC specifications (Items marker with ‘*’ are optional, and depend on model):

  • SoC / Memory / Storage  – Via Raspberry Pi Compute Module – Broadcom BCM2835, 512MB RAM, 4GB eMMC Flash.
  • Other Storage – 1x 2Kb I²C EEPROM with EUI-48 MAC Address & 128 bit Serial Number (AT24MAC402).
  • Video Output – 1x HDMI Out, 1x CVBS Out (BCM2835)
  • Audio Output – 1x HDMI, 2x S/PDIF Out / Optical & RCA (WM8804),
  • Connectivity – 1x Fast Ethernet (LAN9514), 1x Micro-SIM Socket
  • USB – 2x USB 2.0 Host (LAN9514), 1x USB Device,
  • Serial Ports – 2x TTL Serial Ports (BCM2835), 2x TTL Serial Ports (MAX3109)*
  • Other I/Os
    • 1x CAN Bus (MCP2515)*
    • 2x MiPi DSI*
    • 2x MiPi CSI*
    • 3x Industrial Inputs (Téléinfo, Interface S0 or Standard Opto-isolated , 24VDC Output)*
    • 3x Industrial Outputs (1x Relay COM / NO or NC, 2x Isolated Outputs, 24VDC Input)*
  • Sensors – 1x Humidity & Temperature Sensor (Si7020)*
  • Expansions
    • 1x Mini PCIe Slot (USB 2.0 only, no PCIe)*
    • 1x Mini PCIe Slot (I2C, SPI, UART, USB & GPIOs)*
    • x KNX BAOS 820 module (KNX/TP1)*
  • Debugging – 1x JTAG port for BCM2835 (ARM11 or VideoCore GPU)
  • Misc – 1x RTC (DS3232) with BR1632A lithium battery, power/reset/user push buttons & LEDs,
  • Power Supply
    • Main: 12VDC / 2A (9-36 VAC/VDC),
    • Auxiliary Power Input: 9-36 VAC/VDC for 2nd power supply or external battery charger system,
  • Temperature Range – -20°C to +70°C
  • Dimensions – 100 x 120 mm
PInBALL SBC Block Diagram (Click to Enlarge)
PInBALL SBC Block Diagram (Click to Enlarge)

There will be three solutions/version based on PInBALL board:

  • CoreAccess – For “multipurpose application”, the variant will less options (No MiPi, no industrial I/Os…). Lacks all options marked with *
  • Home and Building Automation (HaBA) – Includes Industrial I/Os and a base of a Scada OPC UA software. All options listed in the specs above are supported
  • Industrial Automation and Robotics (IAaR) – Same as HaBA minus KNX module, and a “Open HAB Smart home” software is provided.

You can check the PInBall Selection Guide (PDF) for a side-by-side comparison of the three boards. Once you choose a board, you can simply order the carrier board only, a “pre-assembled” computer with the carrier board and the compute module, or an “Embedded System” adding a black anodized aluminum enclosure with mounting brackets.

CoreAccess module comes pre-loaded with XBian (XBMC), and the two others with Raspbian, the Debian distribution for the Raspberry Pi. The company also claims to provide an “open source SW package integrating a BSP maintained in main-line, a Linux Kernel, and then depending of the version, a Java virtual machine, OSGI framework, device abstraction, network and connectivity management”. The software Wiki currently makes use of code on Raspberry Pi github account.

CALAO Systems PinBALL will be sold via Element14/Farnell and CALAO on-line shop in Q4 2014, starting at 325 Euros per unit for the CoreAccess version. The company will also showcase their latest solution at Booth 482 at SEMICON Europa, in Grenoble, France on October 7-9, 2014. Further information is available on

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