ArduPico – An Arduino UNO compatible baseboard for Raspberry Pi Pico

wisdPi ArduPico Raspberry Pi Pico Arduino baseboard
ArduPico with Raspberry Pi Pico board

WisdPi ArduPico is an Arduino UNO-shaped baseboard designed for the Raspberry Pi Pico and compatible boards that enables makers to reuse most 3.3V Arduino shields available on the market and also adds for few I/Os and features.

ArduPico specifications:

  • Compatible board – Raspberry Pi Pico, Pico H, Pico W, Pico WH, and other Pi Pico compatible board solderable using through holes or castellated holes
  • Expansion
    • Arduino UNO header compatible with a wide range of shields
    • 5-pin and 6-pin headers for additional GPIOs and 3.3V, GND
    • All Raspberry Pi Pico GPIOs are exposed
    • 3.3V only, no 5V tolerant
  • Debugging – SWD header
  • Misc – Pico RESET key, WS2812 RGB LED
  • Power Supply – 7 to 15V DC via DC jack
  • Dimensions – 68.6 x 53.3 x 11.6 mm (Arduino UNO form factor)
  • Weight – 18 grams


ArduPico Pinout diagram

Compatibility with the Arduino UNO is not 100% percent as, for instance, only three analog input pins are exposed against six for the Arduino UNO, but the ArduPico also gains some extra GPIOs and an I2C interface, as well as an RGB LED.

It’s entirely a hardware project, and you’d just (re-)use MicroPyhon, C/C++, or another language with support for the Raspberry Pi Pico/RP2040. Yet, there’s still some documentation for the board including the pinout diagram above. I would have expected others like Waveshare and the likes to have come up with an Arduino UNO carrier board for the Raspberry Pi Pico ideas, but it’s the first one I can find anyexcept for some DIY projects.

wisdPi sells the ArduPico baseboard on their own store for $9.99 with Pi Pico board. It’s the first time I hear about the wisdPi, and it’s a relatively new company (the domain was registered in 2019), but I can see they also have some other Raspberry Pi-based products such as a Mini Router based on the RPi CM4 module, and two HAT expansion boards (RS232 and RS485) for Raspberry Pi SBCs.

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6 Replies to “ArduPico – An Arduino UNO compatible baseboard for Raspberry Pi Pico”

    1. I do not get it. How do you use UNO shields which are mostly 5V with non 5V tolerant RP2040? PICO already have breadboard friendly DIL format, why to use the odd clumsy Arduino platform? Even the new Arduino boards made by the Arduino team do not use it.

      1. Oops, I missed this important detail, I added it’s 3.3V only in the post.
        It could potentially be used for people already having a bunch of (3.3V) Arduino shields. Most official Arduino boards are now smaller, but Arduino is still using that form factor as they just anonunced the UNO R4.

  1. Ok, interesting, however this connection drawing shows that this board will accept only Pico, or the Pico H. Where as the Pico W, Pico WH, are at a physically different location.(Closer to the center of the Pico.) As per hopefully included below

    1. Yes, you’re right, but that would only impact the 3-pin SWD header unless I’m missing something.

  2. The word “Compatible” should never be used.
    It quite simply isn’t compatible at all.
    Just because it’s the same shape, and a similar pinot doesn’t qualify as being compatible in my eyes.

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