Mcuzone MP4GM 4G LTE PCIe Module for Raspberry Pi 5 also adds three USB 2.0 interfaces

Mcuzone recently announced the MP4GM, a new 4G LTE module for the Raspberry Pi 5 SBC. This module connects to the Raspberry Pi 5 via PCIe and includes three extra 1.25mm JST connectors for three additional USB 2.0 interfaces. This HAT is compatible with various 4G LTE mini PCIe modules from Mcuzone and Fibocom, providing flexible options for 4G connectivity.

We have previously covered a 5G Modem Kit for the Raspberry Pi 5, but this is the first time we have found out about a 4G LTE kit designed for the Pi 5. We have also covered Mcuzone RK3308 SoM and the MDK3308-EK Evaluation Kit, designed for smart voice applications as well as a Raspberry Pi CM4 board with dual Ethernet capabilities all from MCUzone. So, feel free to check those out if you are interested in their products.

Pi5 PCIE 4G LTE Module with USB
Raspberry Pi 5 with Mcuzone PCIe Hat Attached on Top

Mcuzone MP4GM 4G LTE module specification:

  • Model – MP4GM PCIe to USB 4G LTE mini PCIE for Raspberry Pi 5
  • Antenna – 2 x SMA connectors
  • Communication interfaces – PCIe
  • USB – 3x USB 2.0 interfaces, each with a 1.25mm 4-pin connector.
  • Supported 4G Modules
    • HUAWEI ME909S
    • NL668-EU 4G LTE
    • NL-668-EAU 4G LTE
    • NL668-AM 4G LTE
    • EG25 4G LTE
  • Other Features:
    • Power LED Indicator
    • Nano SIM slot for cellular connectivity
    • Support for PPP Dialing


At the time of writing, there were limited details about the module. However, by examining the parts detail image closely, it’s clear that the module includes an mPCIe socket for the 4G LTE module. There are also options to connect external antennas, a PCIe flex cable connector, a SIM card holder, and power LEDs.

PCIE to4 G LTE Module for Raspberry Pi 5 Package Contain with Hat Attached

In the package, the antenna connector on the PCB is marked as optional because it includes a sticker antenna. Additionally, the box contains PCB standoffs, a PCIe cable, and the module itself. Photos also show a metal enclosure for the full kit, but it’s not offered for sale at this time.

The company has stated that both the CAT4 4G module and the Qualcomm 4G Module will work without a driver. However, for the Huawei ME909S module, a script is required to configure the PPP dial-up network as explained in the Aliexpress page.

You can purchase the Mcuzone MP4GM 4G LTE module on AliExpress for $57.99, with shipping.

Raspberry Pi 5 4G LTE mini PC metal enclosure
Full kit with metal enclosure
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5 months ago

Heads up, that’s not an M.2 PCIe interface, but an mPCIe interface. Much older and frankly really out of date, odd that anyone would put it on a new product these days. The giveaway is that the retaining screws are at the corners of the far end of the add-in board instead of the center as in M.2.

Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)

Good point. We’ve missed that. I’ve updated the post accordingly.

5 months ago

Thanks for putting this here!
Good to see some mpcie adapter incoming. There are still lots of mpcie interfaces which are interesting to be used with the pi5.

I want to use it with the high power mikrotik wifi modules R11e-2HPnd.

5 months ago

Does the adapter really provide pcie – lanes on the mpcie slot, or just USB via the (presumable) pci-usb interface chip, as most of the LTE modules usually are connected via USB and there are more USB ports provided by the board…

Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)

Input from the Raspberry Pi 5 is PCIe, but the mini PCIe socket probably has a USB interface, because there are three other USB interfaces on the board, so a quad-port USB hub might have been used here. I can also see the “HUAWEI ME909S” module has a USB 2.0 interface exposed through the mini PCIe connector.

Looking at the R11e product page and documentation, it’s unclear whether it uses PCIe or USB.

5 months ago

> a quad-port USB hub might have been used here

More probably a PCIe attached USB host controller: the VIA chip on the picture labeled ‘PCIe to USB 4G LTE board’. Maybe it’s even the VL805 known from RPi 4 which might then result in USB3/SuperSpeed routed to the mPCIe slot?

5 months ago

i know that the R11e needs actual PCIe, in contrast to most of the LTE modules, which most of the time use USB.

I therefor guess that the PCIe signals are NOT routed to the mPCI connector

5 months ago

There’s only a single PCIe lane between this board and RPi 5.

And the addon-board provides USB. So there needs to be an USB host controller on this addon-board and if PCIe should be used for something else there would be a PCIe switch needed (which at least I don’t see on any of the photos).

Khadas VIM4 SBC