Panasonic Showcases Flexible Batteries with Wireless Charging System

Flexible batteries such as PowerStream lithium polymer batteries can be integrated into new application such as smartcards, and could help wearables have longer battery life by adding batteries into clothes, wristbands or chestbands for example. You’d still need to charge them however, and in some cases adding a USB port (micro USB or type C) may negate the benefit of having a thin flexible battery, but Panasonic has a solution as the company added wireless charging capability to their flexible batteries. The solutions showcased at Ceatec Japan 2017 on October 3-6, 2017 were flexible lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with 0.45mm thickness, and 18, 42 and 65mAh capacity. Battery voltage is 3.8V, charging voltage 4.35V, and the batteries can be bend up to a radius of 25 mm, and twisted by up 25°. Such batteries are meant to be attached to human body and clothes for medical and health management applications, or […]

E-ink Demonstrated a Foldable E-Book Prototype, Color-Changing Clothes, Smartcards and More at Display Week 2017

E-ink is known with their e-paper technology with the same name, that is used in e-book readers and some signage applications, but the company demonstrated some  their prototypes and customer’s products at SID’s Display Week in Los Angeles last month, with some capabilities I had not seen before. Some of the notable solutions and products include: 10.2″ foldable e-book reader prototype based on the company’s flexible Carta Mobius plastic display with 220 ppi A dress that can change colors using E-ink Prism film that was made for a fashion exhibition in Japan. A 42″ active matrix E-ink digital signage display Various examples of products based on E-ink such as smartwaches (e.g. Sony FES Watch U), e-book readers, flexible displays… NFC Smartcard with E-ink display that has the same thickness as normal smartcard, but can be used to display account balance, price of last purchased item, etc… QuirkLogic Quilla interactive and […]

Hexoskin Smart T-Shirt Keep Tracks of Your Activity with 42,000 Data Points per Minute (Crowdfunding)

There are now many smartwatches with electro-optic hear rate monitors, but based on my short experience so far, if you want something  accurate and reliable, you’d still better use a chest trap. Another potentially more comfortable option would be to use Hexoskin Smart T-shirt, and on top of the usual fitness data (step count, calorie burn, distance and heart rate), also measure your breathing rate and volume. The T-shirt also supports Bluetooth Smart to send back all the data to your smartphone or other devices such as bike computers or smart watches. The company already has Bluetooth Classic T-Shirt, but there latest versions will offer longer battery life and Bluetooth 4.2 LE connectivity. Hexoskin T-shirt 2016 specifications: Bluetooth Smart 4.1 connectivity via Cypress EZ-BLE PRoC module Heart rate, RR intervals, fatigue and stress indicator (Heart Rate Variability). Breathing rate and breathing volume. Activity intensity, peak acceleration, steps and cadence. Analog 256Hz […]

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