Google Launches Android Design Website for Developers

Android 4.0 brings quite a few enhancements to the UI framework with new interactions and styles that let developers create Android apps that are simpler and more beautiful than ever before.

To help designer and developers produce better looking apps for Android, Google has launched Android Design website, where it is possible to learn about principles, building blocks, and patterns for creating Android user interfaces.

The website is divided into 4 main sections:

  • Getting Started
    • Creative Vision
    • Design Principles
    • UI Overview
  • Style
    • Devices and Displays
    • Themes
    • Touch Feedback
    • Metrics and Grids
    • Typography
    • Color
    • Iconography
    • Writing Style
  • Patterns
    • Gesture
    • App Structure
    • Navigation
    • Action Bar
    • Multi-pane Layouts
    • Swipe Views
    • Selection
    • Notifications
    • Compatibility
    • Pure Android
  • Building Blocks
    • Tabs
    • Lists
    • Grid Lists
    • Scrolling
    • Spinners
    • Buttons
    • Text Fields
    • Seek Bars
    • Progress & Activity
    • Switches
    • Dialogs
    • Pickers

Google also announced they would be added more resources over time. Visit Android Design website for details.

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