Jolla Smartphones To Run Meego (Born Again) Operating System

I saw a tweet about Jolla 2 days ago, but did not pay much attention because there was no info available. And to some extend, there isn’t much more info now, but a lot of hype about Jolla, a Finnish company recently founded and composed of ex-Nokia employees that aims to design, develop and sell smartphones based on the (thought-to-be-dead) Meego operating system.

Jolla’s Meego will be based on the Mer Project & Qt and will feature a “brand new UI” designed by Jolla. The company has been working on the phone since late 2011 and a demo will be available later this year.

You can follow the company on LinkedIn or Twitter, as it does not have a website yet.

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8 years ago

Cant see how this will go anywhere with Firefox OS trying to corner next gen feature phones and Android creeping into lower and lower price points for smartphones.

Then there’s Tizen the successor to MeeGo and not to mention whatevers left of WebOS.

They are going to need a lot of luck.

7 years ago

@ Dan
Well, I’m very glad that there is some OS which provides real Linux + native applications. What a relief in a world of mostly web-based applications framework (Tizen, firefoxOS) and such. Looks like the only real bin. OS is iOS and Android with NDK (fortunately!) But meego was always on my radar. So I wish them luck!


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