Preliminary Version of Ubuntu Running on UG802 mini PC (Rockchip RK3066)

Last week, I wrote a post entitled “Rockchip RK3066/RK30xx Processors Documentation, Source Code and Tools“, where I explained that the kernel source code for RK3066 was released and somebody (AndrewDB) had started working on a port of Ubuntu for the platform. It appears he has been pretty busy, as there has been some progress in the meantime…

Ubuntu Running on UG802 mini PC (Click to Enlarge)

AndrewDB managed to run Ubuntu on UG802 HDMI Stick. Wifi is starting to work, although there are still some minor issues to resolve. He plans to have a dual-boot Android/Linux ROM available in several weeks for RK3066 based devices such as the UG802 and MK808. Eventually, AndrewDB also intends to release a dual boot ROM Android Jelly Bean + Ubuntu for RK3066 tablets.

That’s all the information I have for now. This is still work in progress (See TODO List) and no binary has been released yet.

Via: SlateDroid

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Oh, are there option to completely ditch android and install OS to nand?


That’s good to see. I had been turned off the Rockchip devices by reports that the company doesn’t support Open Source development on their chips. As the owner of two recent Motorola Android phones, I don’t want to be stuck with yet another device with limited development possibilities. So I guess the UG802 and other RK30xx devices can go on my list of possible mini PCs.


Just to be clear: Rockchip have never released any source code for the RK3066 platform. The kernel source code we have now was leaked by BQ and it is missing various pieces (that I hope can be filled in by various developers around the world): Mali and DRM, VPU, quite a few WiFi drivers.
It would be a pleasure to work with Rockchip engineers to bring Linux to the RK3066, but right now they are just ignoring the Linux community (and market).
Hopefully they will revert their position and make things easier for developers.

Devlon Macormister
Devlon Macormister

saw this and bought myself mk802 III


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