WM8880-MID Dual Core Tablet is Now Available for $59

Remember SunnyCube V7 tablet with a dual core Cortex A9 SoC available for just $40 in China? I had a target between $50 to $55 on Aliexpress, but I’ve been explained I may have been too optimistic with shipping fees and the 5% seller fee in Aliexpress platform. Nevertheless, the device, or a similar device, based on WonderMedia WM8880 is now available for $59 including shipping on GeekBuying, which puts it in slightly higher price (~$7 more) than AllWinner A13 tablets, but with much more processing power, and HDMI output.

Here are some updated specs:

  • SoC – VIA WM8880 Dual core Cortex A9 processor @ 1.5GHz + Mali-400 MP2 GPU
  • System Memory – 512MB DDR3
  • Storage – 4GB Flash + micro SD slot
  • Display – 7-inch WVGA (800×480) display
  • Video Output – HDMI port
  • Video Playback – H.264, WMV, MPEG2/4, VP8 (up to 1080p)
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
  • Camera – 0.3MP Front and 0.3MP? rear cameras
  • Audio – Built-in speaker and microphone, earphone jack
  • USB – micro USB
  • Battery – 2000 mAh
  • Dimensions – 19 x 11 x 1.15 cm
  • Weight – 282 grams

This tablet comes with a charger, a micro USB to USB female adapter, and a user’s manual. The Antutu score in Geekbuying is just 7,000 instead of the 10,000 score found last time on Wondermedia WM8880 reference tablet. I’d assume GeekBuying screenshot is incorrect, because the screen resolution of the device is 800×480, but the Antutu screenshot shows 600×1024, and very low 3D GPU score. I’d expect something around 9,000 to 10,000 for this device. This tablet does not have great specs, but this may just do for your kids, or if you just need a tablet for some basic tasks.

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13 Replies to “WM8880-MID Dual Core Tablet is Now Available for $59”

  1. @Sander
    What I meant is that it won’t be as fast and nice as latest quad core tablet as with an HD display.
    The lack of RAM may make it slow when you use an app, and Google Play install an app in the background. It’s also more likely than an app will be terminated when it’s in the background. Mali-400 MP2 GPU should be OK for many games, but possibly not as smooth as Mali-400 MP4 or PowerVR GPU for some higher end games.

    I had a WM8850-MID tablet (but the battery died after a year) with single core A9 + 512 MB RAM, and I could play games such as Subway Surfer, some 3D racing games smoothly, much smoother than A13 tablets that struggle to play Subway Surfers. WM8880 is even more powerful, so I assume it will be just fine for most tasks.

  2. @onebir
    I was half right, as I thought $55 was achievable (maybe soon).
    Quad core / 2GB tablet for $50? OK no problem… in 2014, announced right here on cnx-software.com via onebir tip.

  3. Heeeey – that could be a competition; guess when the spec will hit a price point. Prize whatever spare ex-review items CNX has at the time :p

  4. > which puts it in slightly higher price (~$7 more) than AllWinner A13 tablets

    You must be kidding us ;-). A13 crap goes $7.2/1K on aliexpress: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/free-shipping-7inch-Q88-AllWinner-A13-1-0-1-2GHz-DDR3-512M-Tablet-PC-4GB-MID/960201679.html . And one guy with non-zero feedback sells singles at ~$20: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Cheapest-7-inch-Tablet-PC-Multi-touch-Screen-Android-4-0-ICS-Allwinner-A13-512MB-RAM/670657010.html . 10 people ordered it today (and noone else or before), including me – I hope to buy CNC/3d-printer/laser cutter there one sweet day, so really could use 1st-hand experience with buyer protection on Aliexpress :-D.

  5. Hello, all.
    I have the WM8880-MID / V7 / VIA V7,
    Bought it on ebay, & may have paid too much, according to some. [$79 U.S., w/ “free shipping”.]
    It outputs 1080 HDMI, but if the source is not ‘great’ the picture suffers.
    Its faster than you might think, w/ a Antutu score of 15,600, or ranked about the same as the HTC One X.
    Its a little quirky, & the guys at techknow.me say the ROM is broken, because they can’t install paid apps,
    & moving apps to SD doesn’t work.
    But it easy to root, & some apps will work great, plus some other apps help its performance.
    DO *NOT* ‘overload’ one of these, or it gets really slow, hangs, gets even more flakey than usual.
    Keep at least half, or a little more, of the 4GB free.
    I’m down to 1.4GB free, & it gets a little more flakey now.
    There are other minor issues, like most screen protectors don’t seem to fit just right.
    So far there aren’t any ROMs available, but it looks like some folks are trying to fix the stock ROM.
    I’ve tried a few refurbs from Big Lots, but this is better than they were, except for the quirks,
    & so I’m keeping it, as my first Android tablet. [Bought it so my wife could read Kindle on it. She likes it.]
    I’ve seen a few 10″ tablets, since I started looking at these, & I think I’ll get one of those,
    or maybe a higher-priced name-brand next.
    I may start coding for this, just to try to fix the ROM. [It doesn’t look too bad.]
    Hopefully helpful to anyone considering one of these.
    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

  6. indeed sl0j0n is correct in that we are working to correct the factory firmwares issues at TechKnow forum and currently we do have a pre-alpha that does allow for the install of paid apps and has some speed tweaks but it has not gone puclic atm 😉

    we do expect to very soon [this week] release a pre-uberoid modded lite firmware that will have to suffice for most until we get all of the other issues such as apps2sd and a few slight ram glitches sorted

    trust that we are working on the issues with due diligence but will not release something that is still broke and put our name on it – not 100% sure what will all be solved in our pre-uberoid release but it will definitely be faster than stock firmware and right now we are looking at around 2.5gb free space and around 293mb of RAM free in the current testing stages

    we do wish to make the device as good as it possibly can be even though it is somewhat crippled by the 512mb total RAM – yet and still it is the best “bang for your buck” value even at stock firmware for your dollar compared to anything else dual core 7″ tablet availability

    be sure if you do order one of these that your re-seller can provide you with the devices original factoy firmware so you will always have a backup

    Good Luck to everyone and thanks fly to cnxsoft for alerting a lot of ppl to this device and its budget-friendly price 😉

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