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Kaiboer announces F5, Q6 and Q9 UHD Android TV Boxes Powered by Mstar MSO9180D1R SoC

Kaiboer (开博尔) has hosted an event in Shenzhen on May 21 to unveil three new 4K Android media player powered by Mstar MSO9180D1R SoC namely Kaiboer F5, Kaiboer Q6 and Kaiboer Q9. Mstar MSO9180D1R processor appears to be similar but less powerful than Amlogic S802 with four ARM Cortex A9 cores @ 1.5 GHz and a quad core Mali-450 GPU. However, details about this SoC are not available, and Mstar Semi did not reply to my information request.


Kaiboer F5

Here are the specifications for the new Kaiboer Android media players:

Kaiboer Q6

Kaiboer Q6

  • SoC – Mstar MSO9180D1R Quad core ARM Cortex A9 @ 1.5GHz with a quad-core ARM Mali-450 MP2 GPU.
  • System Memory
    • F5 – 1GB to 2GB DDR3
    • Q6 & Q9 – 2 GB DDR3
  • Storage
    • F5 – 8GB or 16GB eMMC + microSD card slot
    • Q6 – 16 GB eMMC + microSD card slot
    • Q9 – 16 GB eMMC + microSD card slot + internal SATA bay for 3.5″ drives
  • Video I/O
    • HDMI in, HDMI out (All models)
    • Q9 – CVBS and YPbPr
  • Audio I/O
    • HDMI in/out
    • optical S/PDIF
    • Q9 – Stereo RCA connectors + coaxial S/PDIF
  • Video Codecs –  Up to 4K. MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4, DivX, H.264, VC-1, H.263, Real Media, MVC, WMV, H.265, RM, RMVB, FLV
  • Audio Formats – MPEG, WMA, WAV, APE, OGG, FLAC, ACC
  • Connectivity – Gigabit Ethernet, dual band Wi-Fi 802 b/g/n with external antenna(s) (Two for F5 and Q9, one for Q6)
  • USB
    • F5 – 3x USB2.0 host ports
    • Q6 & Q9 – 2x USB 2.0 host ports, 1x USB3.0 port
  • Front panel (F5 and Q9) – LCD display + power button. Q9 also have a control pad (OK + arrows).
  • Power Supply – 12V/2A
  • Dimensions
    • F5 – 180 x 160 x 15mm
    • Q6 – 100 x 160mm (cylinder)
    • Q9 – 363 x 235 x 65 mm

Kaiboer Mstar TV boxes run a custom version of Android 4.3 called KIUI 7, but an Android 4.4 KitKat update is being worked on.

Kaiboer Q9

Kaiboer Q9

cngadget got an early sample, and did an unboxing video. He also mentioned the box is supposed to support hardware video decoding in XBMC.

Neither devices are available on Aliexpress, and they can also be purchased from Tmall. Kaiboer Q9 sells for 1299 RMB (~$208), and Q6 for 699 RMB (~$112). Kaiboer F5 is nowhere to be seen, except on Alibaba.

Via AndroidPC.es and Cngadget.info

  1. May 25th, 2014 at 15:57 | #1

    I have some products from Kaiboer. Also I was notified about these models time ago… but it looks like they don’t know anything about the internet comunity, so everytime ask them about share something they just speak about “how many thousands want to buy” first.

    I follow this brand from at least 2 years ago and I see their market is another, real shops, commercial centers… a pity for final users.

    I said to them, you must find the way to give tools and knowledge about Mstar MSO9180D1R to the community. It looks like they did not listen yet… even don’t pay any attention.

  2. Gabe
  3. June 18th, 2014 at 17:05 | #3

    hmm $145 for F5. It should not be that expensive. It’s only 499 RMB ($80) on Taobao – http://s.taobao.com/search?q=kaiboer+f5&rs=up&rsclick=12, so I guess it will come down to around $100 soon.

    On the other hand Q9 price does not seem right either, because it’s over $200 in China.

  4. Gabe
    June 18th, 2014 at 18:30 | #4

    F5 can be bought occasionally(now it is out of stock) from below link too for 400Yuan($64):
    I think from that website can buy only Chinese customers.

  5. Gabe
  6. Harley
    November 26th, 2014 at 01:25 | #6

    Zidoo X9 is now available too with same SoC http://www.zidoo.tv/index.php?m=Product&a=index&id=1&model=X9

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