Intel Showcases Tablet / 2-in-1 Reference Design based on 14nm “Broadwell” Core M SoC

Intel has unveiled a thin tablet reference design at Computex 2014, in Taiwan, which is based on their upcoming “Broadwell” Core M processor manufactured using 14nm process technology, which will be the most power efficient Intel Core processor to date.
Intel_Broadwell_Tablet_Reference_DesignIntel fanless mobile PC reference design features a 7.2mm thick, 12.5″ tablet that weights 670 grams. You can also connect it to a media dock providing additional cooling allowing more performance, as well as a keyboard dock. Intel expects 2-in-1 products (tablet + laptop) based on Intel Core M to be available later this year.

Tablet Reference Design with Keyboard Dock – Source: Ultranetbooks News



Tablet Reference Design + Media Dock (Bottom Left) – Source: Engadget

Intel claims 60% lower power dissipation, 20 to 40% better performance, and 10 to 45% low SoC power, and half the package footprint compared to third generation “Haswell” Core processors, which will allow fanless and thin designs. Currently Mobile Haswell Core processors have a maximum TDP of 11.5W to 47W, so in theory, at best, Broadwell SoCs might achieve as low as 4.6 W Max TDP.

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  1. I hope we will see these on the market. About time we got some really fanless notebooks….

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