Camera Not Working on Your Smartphone? No problem, Massage It!

I bought ThL W200 last year as my main (and only) phone, and my review was rather positive, because after testing the phone for a week or so I did not encounter some of the issues. After a short while I found GPS was not working very reliably, so I had to find instructions to fix GPS on Mediatek phones, then the first battery died after about 8 months, maybe that’s normal for my usage, but I was expecting it to last longer. Finally, after a while both front and rear cameras started to have issues such as green screen, color lines, or simply refusing to work with the message: “can’t connect to camera”.

In all of this the good news (for me) was I was not alone, and I saw some instructions saying, you had to terminate the camera app, clear all data, and restart the phones. It seemed to somewhat work, but not reliably, and sometimes I rebooted the phone several times without success. Finally, people figured out it was most certainly and hardware issue with the camera connectors becoming a bit loose resulting in bad contacts, and it’s fixable (more or less permanently) by disassembling the phone and adding some paper/cardboard to apply pressure on the camera connector in order to ensure good contacts. But since I did not feel like doing this procedure, I’ve come up with my own little technique…

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That’s could be some kind of new business: were people pay for their phone receive a massage!


[…] ThL smartphone, namely ThL W200, for over a year, and I’ve been disappointed with GPS and the camera not working reliably over time. But maybe that’s something to expect with lower cost […]


Thankkkksss!!!!!It worked for my phone!!!

Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui
Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui

I bought hisense L676 last month from Dubai
I have facing some problem in my camera when i click camera button so show a message that “camera is cannot connect” screenshot is attached too
Please resolve my problem i am living in Pakistan for your kind information

Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui