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PCOMnetA5 is a Small Dual Ethernet Board Powered by Freescale Vybrid Processor

F&S Elektronik Systeme has introduced a credit card sized industrial board powered by Freescale Vybrid single core Cortex A5 SoC featuring two Ethernet ports, support for RGB panels with resistive touch, and various I/Os headers for USB, UART, CAN and so on.

The board is comprised of a baseboard and the company’s PicoMODA5 module with the following combined specifications:

There are two variants of the board: PCOMnetA5-W13 and PCOMnetA5-LIN respectively pre-loaded with Windows Embedded Compact 2013 and Linux 3.0.15 (Buildroot). Publicly available documentation for PCOMnetA5 is limited to the hardware manual, but you’ll find a bit more hardware and software documents on PicoMODA5 module page.

PCOMnetA5 single board computers are available now at an undisclosed price, but they are part of 199 Euros Starterkits including the board, a 7″ TFT-LCD, relevant cables, and access data to BSP and documentation. For reference, the LCD is also sold separately for 120 Euros. F&S Electronik Systeme products are mostly used in medical and industrial applications, which are sectors often requiring long term availability, and their customers will be able to purchase PCOMnetA5 boards until 2028. More details and purchase links for the starter kits can be found on F&S PCOMnetA5 product page.

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