Rockchip RKNanoD is a Dual Core Cortex M3 MCU for IoT and Audio Applications

Rockchip is better known for their application processor like RK3188 or RK3288 found in tablets and mini PCs, but the company is also making lower power SoCs such as RKNanoC Cortex M3 micro-controller used in wireless audio applications, and more recently Rockchip demonstrated RKNanoD, a dual core Cortex M3 micro-controller for IoT and high-definition audio applications.

Rockchip RKNanoD Block Diagram

Some key specifications and features of RKNanoD MCU:

  • Cores
    • ARM Cortex M3 @ 150 MHz with 64KB SRAM, 16KB RAM, 320KB iRAM, 256KB DRAM for system.
    • ARM Cortex M3 @ 300 MHz with 128KB iRAM, 256 KB DRAM, and an audio H/W accelerator for compute tasks like audio decoding.
  • Storage I/F – Flash, SDMMC, SDIO, SFC
  • Display I/F – LCD, E-Ink
  • Audio – 2x I2S, 24-bit / 192 KHz audio codec
  • USB – USB 2.0 OTG
  • Other I/Os – GPIO, 6x UART, 2x SPI, 3x I2C, 5x PWM, 8x SARADC
  • 8x DMA, 2x Timers
  • Power Consumption – Audio playback: 12mA @ 3.3V
Rockchip RKNanoD Development Board

So the MCU comes with a low-end, probably always on, Cortex M3 core to take care of “system” tasks, like taking care of sensors, and a more powerful Cortex M3 core up to 300 MHz with the extra performance required for audio decoding, and some other computationally intensive tasks.

I could not find pricing nor availability information, but more details should eventually surface on Rockchip RKNano product page.


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