Inforce 6410Plus Single Board Computer with Snapdragon 600 SoC Sells for $98 (Promo)

Inforce 6410Plus SBC is the successor of Inforce 6410 board, also based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor (APQ8064), but compared to the first version of the board, it adds GPS/Glonass, some MIPI CSI and DSI interface,and a few others changes. The normal price is $143, but it is currently selling for $98 for a limited period.

Inforce_6410PlusI’ve reproduced the specifications below as a reminder:

  • SoC – Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 (APQ8064) Quad Core Krait 300 processor  @ 1.7GHz + Adreno 320 GPU
  • System Memory – 2GB on-board PCDDR3, up to 533MHz
  • Storage – 4GB eMMC + μSD card connector + SATA interface
  • Connectivity:
    • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi (Atheros QCA6234)
    • Bluetooth 4.0 (Atheros QCA6234)
    • 10/100/1000bps Ethernet (Atheros 8151)
  • Video and Audio Interfaces:
    • μHDMI (1080p)
    • 2x MIPI-CSI2 (4-lane, up to 20MP camera @ 15 fps)
    • Dual MIPI-DSI (4 lane) – Primary : up to QWXGA (2048 × 1536), 60 Hz refresh rate; Secondary:  up to QHD (960 × 540), 60 Hz refresh rate
    • HD Audio and compact combo jack for headphone and mic-in
  • USB – 2x USB 2.0, 1x micro USB OTG
  • Misc I/O
    • 1x I2C, 1x SPI, 1x UART, UIM, 12x GPIO
    • On-board 34-pin expansion header to connect to Peripheral Abstraction Core (PAC) mezzanine adapter card
  • Debugging – via serial console on 3-pin header
  • Power – 12V/1.5A power supply
  • Dimensions – 10cm x 7cm x 1.6 cm (Pico-ITX)
  • Temperature Range – Operating: 0 to 70 C | Storage: -20 to 80 C
  • Relative Humidity – 5 to 95% non-condensing
The board can run Android 4.4 or Ubuntu Linaro, and support various software packages such as Vuforia, FastCV, Alljoyn, etc… Documentation including datasheets, user’s manuals, application notes and reference manuals can also be accessed, but only once you’ve got your board and can register an account with its serial number.
So how to you get the board for $98? Follow these simple steps:
  • Visit IFC6410Plus ordering page
  • Choose your operating system: Android or Linaro Ubuntu
  • Select “Without the starter kit” option if you don’t need the 12V power supply, micro USB cable and acrylic base. Adding this option will cost $6 extra, [Update: Despite the coupon apparently working with the $6 kit, the company informed the offer is only valid without the kit]
  • Click “Add to cart”
  • In the Discount codes section, type 6410Plus98 and click “Apply Coupon” to get a $45 discount.
  • Only one board per order.

You may also have to pay extra for tax and/or shipping. More information about the board itself can be found on Inforce IFC6410Plus product page.

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Their shipping prices are really outrageous. I was thinking of buying it but $100 shipping to Romania for the cheapest shipping ? Are they bringing it from the moon ?


It was only $8 shipping to Australia but iam not going to get it caus I already have the ifc6410 and still I cannot find an android system with google play


Does the board have any PCIe connector header?


Google play is really easy to install … just check this out:



If you go to the Inforce 6410Plus product page, scroll down to the FAQ tab for an answer. Here’s a cut/paste
detail on why Google Play won’t directly run, but there’s a workaround. Hope this helps:

23. Why isn’t Google Play (previously Android Market) available on my board?
Google Play (previously Android Market) is part of Google Mobile Services (GMS) and is licensed separately from Google. This is usually available on commercial Android devices. Though our hardware is capable of meeting requirements of the Google Test Suite that would lead to GMS certification, we have not added this to our product.
But it is possible to sideload any Android application using the following commands:

#adb devices
#adb mount
#adb remount
#adb install apk


@Marius Cirsta
thsnk msrius


i can download and install apps in many ways like using browser or transferring vie es file manager. but my problem is some apps need google play to work or to sign in.


98$ board with discount … + 40 $ shipped to Italy. NON SENSE.
Pass ahead.


“shipping” is almost the same for France… that’s a lot for sure
but in fact it’s written “shipping and tax”, so it might include VAT and duty tax (at least i hope so)


There’s no VAT or duty tax included in the shipping & handling charges.
Taxes apply only for shipments to destinations in California.

The shipping charges includes international air freight from California via
FedEx. Inforce ships via FedEx International Priority or International Economy
and the charges vary depending on the choice. Please refer to this link for the
shipping times and what it means:
Inforce offers a significant discount on the shipping charges compared to what
FedEx will quote you for the above shipping methods.


@Marius Cirsta
Hello Marius,

There appears to be an error in the shipping charges you were quoted for
shipment to Romania. It shouldn’t be that high. Please contact [email protected]
for an accurate quote while we fix the issue.



Hello Jibril,

As mentioned in another reply, the actual shipping charges quoted by
FedEx are much higher for international airfreight–you can check them
for yourself at
Inforce provides you a significant shipping discount over that.

Hope this helps, but $98 is a great deal for a high-performance and full-featured
Snapdragon 600 based SBC.



Hello Malek,

The Snapdragon 600 processor has one PCIe native signal coming out
and that’s used for GbE. The Inforce 6410Plus SBC has on-board WiFi/BT,
which uses the SDIO interface. There’s also a native SATA signal that
interfaces to the SATA on-board connector. So to answer your question,
there’re no PCIe connector headers.



Hi all,

why do not use USPS for international shipping? USPS is much cheaper than FedEx in shipping cost.


It is very misleading to quote this at $98 for European customers, on top of the shipping charges there will be import duty + fee by Fedex to process the import duty. Realistically you are looking at $160+ for this SBC.