Brillo Android based OS for IoT Projects Supports ARM, Intel and MIPS Platforms

You’d think there are already enough lightweight operating systems that could provide a good enough platform for IoT and embedded projects, but Google decided to make their own Brillo operating system for IoT, based on Android, most probably to leverage the existing Android tools, and make it easier for app developers to move to the Internet of Things space. Brillo ‘s hardware requirements are pretty low as the operating system can run on devices with  32MB of RAM, and 128MB of storage.
Google will provide a complete ecosystem with an embedded OS, core services, and a developer kit with tools to build, test, and debug. Just like in Android, three architectures will be be officially supports, starting with the following hardware platforms:

All Brillo boards support WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and Brillo also includes Google’s Weave communication protocol for IoT devices that is said to enable easy setup, phone to device to cloud communication, and user interaction from the web or mobile apps.

The short introduction below video give an overview of Brillo, and provides some details about features (OTA updates, crash reports…), and how users can use familiar tools such as adb (Android Debug Bridge) to debug their IoT applications, and build architecture.

You can find some more information on Google’s Developers’ Brillo page, but for full information, including source code, tools, and documentation, you’ll need to request an invite on the developer, and provide details about your project. You can also request an invite if you plan on keeping using your existing Linux operating system but would like to Weave.

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finally, hope this is really lightweight in power consumption contrary to android which is actually as heavy as a full linux… now if this is as near as lightweight as an openwrt or a realtime OS this could be awesome…