Ugoos AM1 Android TV Box Giveaway

I reviewed Ugoos AM1 TV box based on Amlogic S905 processor a few weeks ago, and while the hardware was rather good, and found the firmware lacking with some bugs such as the remote control and one USB port not port, some instability issues with Google play and Kodi, Bluetooth transfer corruption, etc… The company has now released a firmware update (v 0.0.4) that will fix most of the issues I reported, and also sent me a new remote control as the one I had was an early model, and we’ve decided to giveaway one Ugoos AM1 to one lucky winner, the same way we had done for Ugoos UT4.

Ugoos_AM1_Accessories The Rafflecopter form below has three options, each optional, but if you do all three you’ll get more chances to win. The contest will run for 4 days until March 16 10am (GMT+7), I’ll select the winner randomly through RaffleCopter, and expect an answer within 24 hours or I’ll select another winner. Ugoos will them ship the device to the winner free of charge, and the contest is open worldwide.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The firmware has also been updated to support both types of remote control.

New (left) and Old (right) Remote Controls
New (left) and Old (right) Remote Controls

Good luck!

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178 Replies to “Ugoos AM1 Android TV Box Giveaway”

  1. I would test this box to it fullest potential. Especially 4k. Hop onto ReleaseHub addon and stream 4k content to my 65″ 4k 3D tv.?

  2. This would be my first Android TV box to give a new life to my Samsung digital (but not smart) TV.

    By the way, I like the simplicity of the old remote, but not the big logo. Too bad they couldn’t make this design work and had to change it completely.

  3. @PuceBaboon
    If you can wait a couple of lunar cycles, we can give you a tow on our way back. No point in sacrificing the AM1 to fix your saucer, it is a bit too nice for that. 🙂

  4. I’ve had several android-sticks in the past and i would like to see if th S905 is a better option than my current android stick.

  5. i’m in to. Nice to be able to participate a giveaway for a reviewed cnx approved device, we exactly know what we would win.

  6. This will be my first ARM based embedded platform. A great hackable device to start learning low level communication protocols like UART, SPI, I2C, CAN bus etc. etc. If I get this, it will open up a whole new world to me.

  7. I don’t understand.
    There are 84 comments (#85 is this one – not part of the competition), but 394 entries – how could this be, if each user could only havey 3 entries (or even if it is 4 – adding another one by just registering to the competition)?!

    84 x 3 = 252
    84 x 4 = 336
    So how come there are 394 entries?!

    Or maybe it’s just that people have registered to the competition, but didn’t leave a comment?

  8. I would replace my aging 808B with this for streaming video however I might give it a new case with better passive cooling.

  9. I am going to give this a roll, haha. Hope I win. The device looks interesting, I’m certain it will run around my present Kodi box.

  10. I’d love to win this to try a machine at this end of the scale. I’ve worked with Arduino, MSP 432s, and a BeagleBone, but it’d be nice to try something a bit higher up the performance scale. Good luck everyone!

  11. Yes, please. This bad boy looks to be the machine that the UT3S should have been. Better body, better finish and even more power, and more power is always good

  12. What’s even weirder? That yesterday my comments were #84 and #85 – but today they are #95 and #96… (not including this one, which is currently #114).
    This could only be possible in… the twilight zone!!!
    (I wonder how many of the readers are familiar with the source of my joke)

  13. I am really interested in getting a good media player, but most of them are falsely advertised as 4k. I wonder if this one can actuality play 4k content

  14. @cnxsoft
    So not all comments are being moderated? (Generally speaking about this site, not just at this page)
    Sometimes I do get a notice that my comment is waiting for moderation – but most of the time, I don’t.

  15. Really nice prize! I am sure that Ugoos will develop one of the best firmwares for their S905 machine. I would use the AM1 to monitor and record from my home IP cameras.

  16. I am a Software Engineer specializing in Unix/Linux/Android who not only wrote code for “BIG VMware Network Drivers”, but also smaller backups for companies like VEEAM.

    I would like to assist in improving the source-code for your company if given the opportunity.

  17. I just got rid of the monkey on my back (the evil empire, Xfinity/Comcast), as of today. This beauty would enable me to still enjoy the content that I love, with being held hostage to a monthly plan.

  18. I’m looking from month or two for sweet Amlogic S905 device to replace my S805 ….that’s one fits 🙂

  19. Good one. I am in.
    Wonder what the orange tab coming out at the bottom of the older remote does.

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