HawkEye I is a Compact & Lightweight COFDM / DVB-T Video Transmitter with Up to 10 km Range

Shenzhen Falco-Tech Corp has designed a small COFDM transmitter mostly useful for drones, unless you want to make you own very local TV station, that can transmit video from an HDMI camera such as GoPro Hero 4, and compatible with any DVB-T TV tuners as it sends the video unencrypted.


HawkEye I DVB-T transmitter specifications:HawkEye_I

  • Transmission – COFDM technology
    • Channel bandwidth –  6/7/8MHz (optional)
    • Frequency –  200MHz-2400Mhz (optional)
    • Forward coding – 1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8
    • Guard interval – 1/32,1/16,1/8,1/4
    • Range – Up to 1.5km to 10km
    • SMA antenna connector
  • Video Input – CVBS or HDMI
  • Video
    • Codec – H.264/H.265 encoding with hardware acceleration
    • Resolution – SD/D1/720P/1080p
    • Framerate – 25/30/60 fps
  • Power Supply – 12V via 2-pin terminal
  • Dimensions – 84 x 25 x 90mm (Aluminum case)
  • Weight – 143 grams
  • Operating Temperature Range – -20~60 degrees Celsius

DVB-T_Transmitter_DroneThere’s no word about power consumption, so it’s unclear how it would impact fly time. I’m also not quite sure about the legality of the system in many countries, and/or you probably need to have a proper license to use DVB-T frequency band, and make sure you don’t disturb TV reception. Now anybody with a DVB-T tuner would be able to receive your video feed within the transmission range, and the company told me a version with encryption will be available in about 2 month time, but it will not be compatible with DVB-T capable TVs or set-top boxes.

I have not been told the price of the transmitter, but HawkEye I is listed for $1,000 on DIY Trade website.

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4 years ago

Wow, time for pirate DVB-T! 10km range would cover a small city…

4 years ago

can dvbt2 station be safe from this dvbt transmiter?

4 years ago

Maybe stronger… for your neighbours 😉 But maybe part of the 200MHz-2400Mhz range this thing can transmit in is unused in some places?

Anyway, using it in a city would probably get your door kicked down pretty quickly…

4 years ago

“Range – Up to 1.5km to 10km” : can we know the TxPower to be more precise ?

4 years ago

I think Mr Bellard from FFMPEG made such transmitter with some modified graphics card:


But he never released the code.

4 years ago

Have a look here…their hardware is well known,by HAM radio amateurs…