Linux Conference Australia Videos Uploaded to YouTube is a Linux conference that takes place yearly in Australia or New Zealand. This year, the event took place on January 16-20 in  Hobart in Tasmania, and the schedule was divided into 6 categories/rooms: Sysadmin, WOOTConf, Open Knowledge, Kernel, Games and FOSS, and Open Radio.

There was not that many talks related to embedded or dev boards, but some notable sessions included “Building Escape Room Horror Experiences with Arduino and C++“, “Decoding Satellites with SatNOGS“, or “My adventures building hamlib support for the OpenSDR board” among others.

The organizers have now uploaded videos of the talks in Youtube with one session embedded below.

Via Phoronix

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  1. In my opinion, a Linux conference in Australia that has never invited Barry Kauler, the Puppy Linux creator, does not deserve much credit !

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