Mecool KI PRO Hybrid Android TV Box with Amlogic S905D SoC, DVB-T2 & DVB-S2 Tuners Sells for $80

VideoStrong has become popular among people wanting an Android TV box with a tuner thanks to their affordable and customizable products such as K1 Plus T2 S2, or KIII Pro coming with DVB-T/T2 and DVB-S/S2 tuners. AFAIK, all there products so far came with a single demodulator meaning you could watch or record satellite or terrestrial TV, but not do both at the same time, for example watching a channel via DVB-S2, and recording one via DVB-T2. Amlogic S905D is supposed to support this, and upcoming products like Sen5 Android set-top box do come with two demodulators. Mecool KI PRO – based on the processor – has just been launched, pre-selling for $79.99 on Banggood with shipping scheduled for mid May.

Mecool KI Pro specifications:

  • SoC –  Amlogic S905D quad core ARM Cortex-A53 @ up to 1.5 GHz with  Mali-450MP GPU
  • System Memory – 2 GB DDR4
  • Storage – 16GB eMMC flash + micro SD card slot up to 32GB
  • Video Output – HDMI 2.0a up to 4K @ 60Hz with support for HDR10 and HLG, and 3.5mm AV (composite video) jack
  • Audio Output – HDMI, AV (stereo audio), optical S/PDIF
  • Video Codecs – 10-bit H.265, and VP9 Profile 2 up to 4K60, H.264 up to 4K30, AVS+ and other codecs up to 1080p60
  • Tuner – DVB-T/T2 and DVB-S/S2 tuners with two connectors
  • Connectivity – Gigabit Ethernet, dual band 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.1 LE
  • USB – 4x USB 2.0 host ports
  • Misc – Power button and LED, IR receiver
  • Power Supply –  DC 12V/1A
  • Dimensions – 130 x 120 x 32 mm
  • Weight – 163 grams

Another advantage of the device is that it runs the latest Android 7.1 operating system. The interface looks the same as with older devices, so I’d expect the same DTV app to be used in the box. KI Pro ships with a HDMI cable, a remote control, a power adapter, and a user manual. You may be able to find (more or less accurate) details on the manufacturer’s page.

Thanks to Natsu for the tip.

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189 Replies to “Mecool KI PRO Hybrid Android TV Box with Amlogic S905D SoC, DVB-T2 & DVB-S2 Tuners Sells for $80”

  1. On vídeo strong page it also shows some dvb-c and dvb-c + dvb-s2 combo.

    But i cant find those on any site.

    Also dvb-t2 specs meets all the information and reqs for dvb-c. Does anyone know if that dvb-t2 does work with C (cable)?

    On previous Unit here at cnx i saw some posts about dvb-c improve on newer app dtv on Android and tvheadend while in libreelec.

    Any clue about this?

  2. Hmm, do these things do ‘freesat’ properly? I’ve had one TV with a DVB-S2 but no freesat and it picked up every channel without prioritising my local broadcasts, e.g. Russia Today was channel 1, not say BBC 1.

    1. In fact when you scan it follows sat order. And you can edit and sort channels by your self. But some pids change and etc. FTA channels are like this.

  3. without native linux DVB drivers compiled for Android 7.1 as a generic option, and only a single app that talks the closed API in that DTV app… then it’s not going to sell on mass for use with the many 3rd party linux DVB apps and transcoders, streamers etc…

  4. @Ygor Almeida
    Except when I got a “proper box” later it had the localisation thing sorted, physically local channels appeared earlier in the list. That’s probably only possible with an online service for assistance. So do these boxes have access to one?

  5. @CampGareth
    There is a box on ebay uk claiming freesat in name but what it actually does who knows. It also runs Android 6.0

    Freesat GTT DVB-T2 Android 6.0 Amlogic S905D 1G+8G Wifi 1080P Signal Receiver

  6. Is there a variant of this box that works with dvb-c? If so where/how can i order one?


  7. Freesat is the trademark of a joint venture between the BBC and ITV and, as such, will probably not be available on these type of boxes.

    I have just set up (I was too lazy to bother before) a Wetek Openelec box running Tvheadend to show what appear to be the Freesat channels. EPG now starts on BBC 1 and runs through the UK channels in what appears to be a logical manner.

    This is for Tvheadend running as a backend and Kodi as the frontend. I have no idea what the boxes above will be running so this may well not be a viable solution in this case.

    As a side note, my Wetek Openelec box has been rock solid since I set it up. It’s only running as a backend, I have multiple frontends around the house to stream to, but it’s not needed a reboot in about a year and records to my network share without issue.

  8. @CampGareth
    “Hmm, do these things do ‘freesat’ properly?”

    Freesat is a proprietary service using a proprietary EPG. so why do you expect a device which is not a licensed “Freesat” box to do “freeat properly”?

    As with all “free-to-air” (non-proprietary) boxes, you need to do a scan and then edit the resulting services according to your own preferences, or in the same order as the Freesat EPG if you feel compelled to conform to the dictat of the Freesat consortium.

    This may be inconvenient but the huge advantage is that you will be able to see all the extra free to air stations (and iin the EPG positions which you choose) which do not pay the exorbitant fees to be included on the Freesat EPG.

    Some people may actually prefer to see for example BBC4 HD on EPG position 4 rather than Channel 4 SD or whatever the Freesat consortium insists that you must watch on that EPG position.

  9. Freesat uses a proprietary EPG (and has lots of bouquets so that different areas get the right regional versions of channels on the right EPG channel number) It uses proprietary Huffman compression to carry EPG data. (As does Freeview HD – but not SD)

    It IS reverse engineered (TV Headend supports it) – but i suspect selling products with support for it could be legally dubious, and is only relevant to the UK market.

  10. @Ron, from where did you get this info? Did Wetek3 will have Audiosound passthrough? Oherwise I will buy this cheaper Mecool…

  11. @rebeL
    As I wrote – this is MY GUESS.

    It’s very probable. I don’t see why not!

    To be more precise, , it’s rather logical to assume that it would have S905D-H (with HDCP for Netflix etc).

  12. All these Single Tuner Boxes are pretty useless as Networked PVR setups for a Home TV viewing Network.
    There simply are too many limitations when it comes to Recording and watching TV using a Single Tuner if you are using Multiple TV viewing clients at the same time.

    Cheap USB Dual Tuner PVR networked setups using LibreELEC Kodi media builds (backported DVB drivers), are now very do-able on stock standard AMLogic S905(x) Hardware.

  13. Seems this box got DRM for Level1 widevine and mostlikely in few days will have the netflix HD app running HD content

  14. Problem with gamepad Works well with k2 pro
    As for k1 pro did not work problem driver
    How to add it ?
    Is there a new software ?

  15. Latest news:
    KI PRO is: Android 7.1, DVB-T2+S2 +C,
    already got DRM widevine level 1,
    and have HDCP

  16. @linuxman
    Miranda Chen works for Videostrong, so it’s true.
    Now that does not mean, if you buy a KI Pro on the web today, it will have Widevine L1 and/or HDCP. Better wait to make sure those are standard features, since they cannot be added by software update.

  17. im testing the nougat version for k1 pro and seems to work very nice.Waiting on Netflix HD app … VS engineers working hard to achieve it.

  18. If I order one now, will I receive Android 6.0 or 7.1 model?
    Can Android 6.0 model be updated to 7.1 and activated to DRM widevine level 1?

  19. @blackie

    Yes you can update to android 7.1.1 with DRM widevine level 1.
    You will need an USB to USB father – father cable and the amlogic burning tools

  20. @Ovi
    While upgrading firmware from Android 6.0 to Android 7.1 should not be a problem, I’ve been told (for other devices) that things like DRM and HDCP keys had to be set at the factory, and no firmware update would fix that.
    If blackie is getting an earlier KI Pro without DRM, will he be able to update to DRM with Widevine Level 1?

  21. Can be that the DRM keys are already included in the boxes available for pre-sale?
    Or we have to wait until some “final revision of box” with DRM keys is released?
    Does anybody know the answer or can some box owner check the DRM status with “DRM Info” application from Google Playstore?

  22. KI PRO Android 7.1.1
    # begin build properties
    # autogenerated by PRO-userdebug 7.1.1 NMF26Q 20170519.183520.V0321 May 19 18:35:20 CST 2017
    ro.product.model=KI PRO
    # ro.product.cpu.abi and ro.product.cpu.abi2 are obsolete,
    # use ro.product.cpu.abilist instead.
    # is obsolete; use ro.product.device
    # Do not try to parse description, fingerprint, or thumbprint PRO-userdebug 7.1.1 NMF26Q 20170519.183520.V0321,nosdcard

    # ntpServer

    #the prop is used for enable or disable
    #DD+/DD force output when HDMI EDID is not supported
    #by default,the force output mode is enabled.
    #Note,please do not set the prop to true by default
    #only for netflix,just disable the set the prop to true

    #Dolby DD+ decoder option
    #this prop to for videoplayer display the DD+/DD icon when playback
    #DTS decoder option
    #display dts icon when playback
    #DTS-HD support prop
    #DTS-HD prop end
    # Enable player buildin
    # Define drm for this device

  23. @pk

    Does the box work well? Any fault?
    Image quality satellite channels?
    Cccam emulator works stable?
    Audio ac3 works?

  24. @iptvDeluxe
    TBH, I’m a bit bored with TV box reviews, especially tuner ones, as I reviewed 3 in the last few months, and the last one (U5PVR) is causing me some troubles due to issues in the first firmware that wasted a lot of my time.

    But if somebody is interested in getting a free KI Pro sample, in exchange of doing a review on CNX. I’m all for it. Preferably somebody with a motorized satellite dish setup since I’ve never done that.

  25. blackie :
    @Miranda Chen
    Dear Miranda, is the version supporting DRM L1 already on sale somewhere?
    It seems that first batch of Android 7.1 boxes selling on Banggood doesn’t support Widevine L1 yet…

    Interesting. I want to know too

  26. Hello,
    i’ve just seen this interesting box with Amlogic S905D.

    i’d like to really check if the DTS HW decoding feature is there. anyone knows?

    is the offering for a free sample to be tested still available? i have some knowledge about digital television, some spare time and a motorized dish too..

    BTW i’m italian, so some kind of proofreading would be needed, eventually..


  27. drm.service.enabled=1

    This does NOT mean Widevine Level 1 DRM support. And I doubt this box will ever have it either.
    And I seriously doubt HDCP will ever come with these cheap boxes – that costs money and the profit margins on this type of hardware do not justify it.

    Be aware those looking for 1080p Netflix – there is no way it will work on this box. You need actual Netflix Hardware Approval and I’ve never seen Cheap Chinese sourced AMLogic boxes come with Netflix approval.

  28. yes, Android 6.0 update to Android 7.1, need to use USB to USB father – father cable and the amlogic burning tools
    New KI PRO is with widevine level3& level 1, comes with HDCP key and HDCP key burned at factory,
    They are producing now, haven’t on sale somewhere, will come soon…

  29. Hi, Miranda!
    I receive my KI Pro from Banggood with firmware 7.1.1 (NMF26Q.20170510.173954.V0321) on board – it have HDCP keys in box?
    And thank’s Videostrong for fast support, i receive by my request latest KI_PRO_AVL6862-ota-20170519.183520.V0321 for recovery (

  30. @Miranda Chen
    Hi, Miranda Chen
    We would like you to let us know here when these new boxes are on sale. Do you have an approximate date?
    Also how can we differentiate the new ones with level 1 from the old ones to level 3

  31. @namecito

    There is an flash sale on gearbest for this box happening now [1] but not much of an discount if compared to the price ( $80 ) posted here in early May ( would have expected $60 to be a flash price ) and similar price on the device on geekbying as well [2].

    There is also a youtube review here [3] but not a teardown which might have highlighted if the device had to be so bulky in design ( too bulky for my taste to have in the living room compared to other tv boxes slick design )


  32. @namecito
    Hi, I think this two weeks the last software will be ready, to differentiate the new ones with level 1 from the old ones to level 3 could check the sw version, the new last sw will be June, not May.

  33. @Miranda Chen

    Then same hardware but different firmware? The same version of hardware board?
    So, Can I buy now and upgrade with the new firmware to have it?

  34. @cnxsoft

    I think Widevine Level L1 would receive 1080p video, wouldn’t it? Obviously no 4k. If you need more than L1 to get 1080p netflix, I would abandon that service and learn how to obtain the content yourself. We’ll be waiting decades before something comes out that’s actually compatible lol

  35. @cnxsoft

    That is ENTIRELY correct. The only exception seems to be Widevine L3 (which can be done with software). But that doesn’t get you very far with Netflix lol.

  36. @namecito

    It’s one of the first Amlogic 7.1 releases…. so the answer to all of your questions will be “likely not”

    It took well over a year for Lollipop to become partially stable. Marshmallow still isn’t as stable as Lollipop and it’s been out a while. I feel so bad when people are “early adopters’ – it makes me cringe.

  37. Everyone, do yourself a favor and WAIT for the updates to start. Have any of you had NEW s905 or s905x devices when they first came out? They SUCKED. The firmware was slapped together in such a messy fashion, it was absolutely embarrassing. They rush these things to the market, hoping to sucker as many people in as possible due to the “perceived upgrade” of the OS.

    It took well over a year for AML Lollipop to be half stable, why would this be any different folks? You do NOT want to be a beta tester.

  38. @Justin
    It’s a bit more complicated than that. I wrote about it @ and then

    So it looks like you can use Netflix up to 480p on pretty much any Android devices, even without Widevine Level 3.
    Widevine Level 1 is necessary for 720p, 1080p and 4K, but not sufficient.
    The hack in the second link should allow you to watch Netflix @ 720p (HD), but if you want 1080p or 4K, the hack won’t do, and you need certifications from Netflix. You must be able to prove sales of a large number of TV boxes in the target market for Netflix to start talking to you, and this is not going to happen with VideoStrong.

  39. Thx for clearing this up. Again… 😉

    The whole “all I need is Widevine L1” to get 1080p Netflix is one of the biggest B.S. misinformation campaigns you see bouncing around the internet.

    What is also going on now is the Google Playstore will not even let you install any Netflix App without media player Hardware also being “Netflix Certified”. Watch out if the device is rooted as well.

    Once you have “Netflix hardware certification” even 4K Netflix is possible on regular tablet Android using the 4K capable Android TV Netflix App. The only Android Tablet OS devices where that is possible is the WeTek Hub and Play2.

  40. Hi, there is a new firmware, i think it fixes Hdc and widevine problems.
    Here is the imformation about the firmware:
    Archive name: KI_PRO_AVL6862-ota-20170701.151341.V0321
    Archive file size: 774 MB
    Platform: AMLogic S905D
    OS: Android Android Nougat 7.1 stock
    Inside archive: firmware + factory_update_param.aml + recovery.img + BurnKeyTools.apk + KI_PRO_S905D_Hdcpkey.bin + KI_PRO_S905D_widevine.bin
    Build number: Amlogic/p21x/p21x:7.1.1/NMF26Q/20170701.151341.V0321:userdebug

  41. Link to new firmware above:!6JUiERAB!nW_qQicdtR2359SiBTRQlA

    Updating Log:
    1. Solved messy code problem in Taiwan channels;
    2. Solved problem in Menu, that device still in simplified Chinese even set it in Traditional Chinese;
    3. Solve problem in DTV Channel Edit menu, that left/right key on Remote control can’t switch satellites.
    4. Optimized synchronize problem of audio and video.
    5. Solved problem that after open TTX subtitle, switch channels may not be available.
    6.Optimized the rank of color icons ( the RED/GREEN/YELLOW/BLUE icons) in DTV to be better display.
    7. Added DRM.

  42. Dtv audio delay??? But, if this problem already had the KII pro. Are we still like this?. So let’s go bad.

  43. Help.
    KI pro bricked (crashes when trying to install fw via sdcard).
    Does not work RESET BOX button.
    How to unlock it?
    Thank you.

  44. @Garik It is not the same usb port on KIII pro as on KI pro. When you have the USB side in front of you, the two on the left side and then the one closest to the bottom.
    Thank you for your help.

  45. @Garik
    I updated the fw KI_PRO_AVL6862-ota-20170713.0953
    30.V0321 and continuous with the problems of audio and video synchronization.
    It does not work.

    1. Hola cataplas he cambiado la salida del audio a pcm y parece que va perfecto
      Hello i change audio Out to auto a pcm and i think work perfect

  46. I update and Dont work audio – vídeo sync for me when pass 3-5 minutes noise audio and start delay. Garik do you have hard reset on this update?? How to configure dvb s2

  47. Hi.
    @Antoniokizito.Do I just can add 2 lines?? i have add more, maybe 6 lines, but im not sure if all lines connectted to server.
    But I remeber have saw at least 3 lines conntected.


  48. Hi @Garik
    Where did u find the firmware?

    I saw the firmware from 13th of July, fix audio-video synchronization up to 95% but not full.
    I have to try this new firmware, i have the old one from may/Jun and i have synchronization problems too.

    I hope a new firmware versión comes soon to fix it at 100%.


  49. @Antonio Gomez Leal
    Just got the email too. Exact changelog I got:

    1.Uptimized to sync audio and video in DTV;
    2.Uptimized to correct channel name in DTV;
    3.Updated KODI to 17.3 version
    4.Updated KODI Add-ons

    So hopefully it has fixed the sync issues you guys have.

  50. Well, for me in cable the box on dvb-c doesn’t tune to frequencies that end in *500Khz. Also doesn’t get channel name of scrambled channels and doesn’t descramble them with cccam.

  51. @karamelo

    I’m running latest version 20170725.

    Another problem is that on Sat doesn’t have the sattelites that are West, only East. So you have to put transponders by yourself.

  52. I was thinking to buy this box because of 905d and android 7.1 .
    There is a coupon in banggood (20TVBrand) that reduces the price close to 55€ but I see there’s a lot of problems.
    What else we can buy exept the kii pro?

  53. Hi,

    two questions to everyone who is using this box:

    In my country (Italy) actually there are a couple of sat channels 4k HDR-HLG (scrambled or not). I would like to know if connecting this box to a tv 4k HDR (but not HLG) it is possible to see this channels in HDR mode (it should pop up “HDR” tooltip).

    The second question is about youtube. Does anyone tested video samples 4k HDR? My tv (LG uh770v) has youtube app but does not support HDR (again, does not popup “HDR” message on start playing video).

    Thank you all.

  54. I am so sorry. The current software didn’t solve the problem completely.
    It takes few days for the new software.
    Thanks for understanding.
    “Cyrus Wang :<vs04@videostrong

  55. I made wrong, I bought the ki pro.

    Never again products from “videostrong”

    Ota never work, so so heat compared to others, difficult to find firmware from them and now this with the ki pro.

  56. I read in another forum …
    “After the update I only have DRM L3 instead of L1. Can anyone check this? “

    1. ? everything is nightly and is difficult to find.
      I do not think videostong have a working download section.
      … is so difficult…

      1. I am impressed!
        there is a download for “ki pro” in videostrong site.
        the last time I have checked for 2 other products I couldn’t find.
        I will try to install the last firmware.

  57. Latest version fixes the dvb-c tuning to *500hz frequencies with SR6000, however the scan doesn’t get all channels on all transponders, there are a number of transponders where the scan only finds the first 2 or 3 channels, missing a number of them afterwards…

    The accented characters continue to appear wrong.

  58. what firmware is this, is it from videostrong ?
    how did you find it?
    Until now i have no answer from videostrong ..

  59. you emailed to videostrong, you work for videostrong or you find it in their page?
    i do not understand your answers.

    in official ki pro page there is a firmware.

    if the firmware you provide it is from them why they do not uploaded there?

    Especially when the firmware they have there it is a problematic.

  60. @anotherone
    He report about bugs via email to videstrong and receive new builds for check.
    You can not install this SW, but i’m yesterday install this SW and use it. While no seems desynchronize in DVB-T2, need check more time.

  61. Still no fix for scrambled channels on dvb-c appearing as no name and not working.

    Still no fix for accented characters of ISO 8859-1 support on channel names.

    I reported them to videostrong, no answer from them.

  62. Hi, i have the last firm from July and i haven´t sincronization problems with HD channels on DVB-S.

    Do Anybody know the list of changes from this new September firmware?


    Hola, ¿alguien sabe que tiene de nuevo o que corrige este nuevo firmware de Septiembre?
    Yo tengo el último de Julio y no tengo errores de sincronización en canales de satelite HD y audio AC3.


    1. I have the latest 5-9 but it is not so stable.
      The launcher is faulty and the root it gives permission to anything without to ask.
      Many times it freezes.
      is there a newer?

      I do not understand why they did not provide the links in official site like “Beta” and we have to contact them and ask about firmware.

  63. Hi, i have problems with PVR in satellite mode. Sometimes after record tv program I go to pvr settings, record programs, I see the record, but when I play the program there is nothing.
    I search for the record files and the .ts, ts1 … .tsXX have size cero. So the last file, for example .ts2 has a size great than cero but i can’t play this file neither.

    I have this problem recording programs using the EPG and long programs.

    Someone has the same problem?
    I have the last firmware from July.


  64. what other options we have with dual tuner or at list with “t2” in a normal price?

    Or can we add tuner option by usb somehow to a tv box?
    is this possible?

  65. What apk dor root in this model? What works?
    Program to manage channels? or where do you list channels astra hispasat Spain?
    How is the structure of the line in * .cfg file?

  66. any new firmware?

    With link2sd It doesn’t mount the second partition on boot.
    is there any solution?

    1. Hi. Thank you for useful news. Please share with us KI PRO ATV FİRMWARE download link that we can easyly download

  67. the last days the status bar desappear .
    is this a problem or done something?

    Another problem for sure is with hdmi-cec ..
    if you enable one time, the “one key power off”, then even you disable it, the most of the times this function is on.

  68. today i received my kI pro was on installed firmware from 21.10.2017 and when i went to update it show me there new one 31.10.2017 but i i canrt bring it to end.. .. i am confused, are yours box fake or my lol

  69. Good question :))

    the last update i’ve found is KI_PRO_AVL6862-NHG47L-20170905.020920.V0619
    and i dowloaded it manually because OTA won’t work on my box.

    1. do you have the basic status bar and notification bar with this just latest update you say?

      it is good idea to tell what’s happening and not just say .. “this is the latest update..”

  70. when you say.. worked fine, have you checked if you have STATUS BAR and NOTIFICATION BAR?

    I updated and I do not even have the option.

    Stupid videostrong.

  71. What happend with google play in this version? which version is this? i cannot find any standard app from google play

  72. @championway

    The main problem is that i cannot find my apps on google play. Is there a way to get “the standard” google play stopre app on ATV firmware?

  73. @Marius

    look up……here in this forum ” pk ” listed link firmware its non ATV use USB burning tool for Amlogic to flash it on the box

    or just use root explorer to delete the atv store apk and put from other firm ware the one you use

  74. @ championway

    none of those two sollutions worked for me.

    I’ve got the KI_PRO_AVL6862-NHG47L-20170905.020920.V0619 version back by installing TWRP, run as root, and than flashed the recovery.img from KI_PRO_AVL6862-NHG47L-20170905.020920.V0619.

    After that, i have rebooted to recovery and i was able to flash KI_PRO_AVL6862-NHG47L-20170905.020920.V0619

  75. I still have one problem, maybe can someone help me….

    I have a problem with youtube, i update youtube but nothing happends because on the laucher is an icon to the old youtube version.

    If i completly uninstall youtube and reinstall it from google play, it will not creata a shortcut on the laucher and i can only lauch youtube from the apps in the settings menu.

    Do you know how to fix this?

    Thank you!

  76. Hello Everybody,

    Does anybody have Skype worked well on this device? My attemps to force it to work have failed: I don’t hear a voice from the other side.


  77. The display is attractive and does better yet my problem with it is: I connect my satellite to it and when I do not have transponder channels picked yet – When I tried to fix the errors in the list it makes the mistakes that one channel is duplicated when it is not yet allows a duplicate of another channel that I must remove.

  78. is there any new “official” firmware?

    One more
    I installed many Netflix modified versions so I can see in 720p
    The problem is that with every version I tried the video it is not so smooth
    it loses frames and looks like the box finds it difficult.

    For sure it is not problem with the internet, I have only for me a 50/5 vdsl connected with 5GHz or cable, so i thought that was because of the “high” temperature of the box so I installed a 12″ fun but even if I had 55-65 degrees the problem persists.

  79. Good everyone

    BRICKED KI PRO – I need help

    I would like to know if to use UART and if it works in my KI pro box.

    I have tried all the techniques with burn card maker / Usb Burning Tool and nothing. (I think it’s full bricked)

    The button is always blue and nothing on the tv.

    If they had another solution to unbricked?

    Thank you all

  80. @mecooljaime
    1. I’ve never got KI Pro, but KIII Pro has a UART connection on the top left ->

    So if you want to see if there’s anything there, simply connect a USB to TTL board.

    2. In the past, I’ve seen people enter boot ROM by shorting pins on the eMMC/NAND flash, so maybe you should do some research about this. I thought it was not necessary with the recovery button found in most devices now, but maybe I’m wrong.

  81. Does anyone have the KI Pro mainboard photos?

    Because I can not open my box yet, it’s still under warranty.

    If I have the photos I can search on the components to try to see which are the possibilities of unbricked this box.

    Thank you all

    PS- CNXSOFT Thank you for your answer

  82. @mecooljaime

    i would never believe Amlogic CPU GPU would be brick at any case as they have the level of boot loader which you can turn the KI or other to download mode as USB burning Tool.

    you have Blue LED ON and then nothings.. 2 only possible 1- you had wrong firmware flashed or you had firmware from Vitmode. which its very harmful to NAND and GPU. or yours box didn’t switched to download mode via the toothpick , because the mico switched was broken maybe from many time to hard push. the only way you should open the box after you consul your seller .. if your mecool boot to download mode then the case will be different

  83. The switch was not broken, i listen the click when i put the toothpick.
    (I not the forcing in the switch)

    I have tried all the techniques with burn card maker / Usb Burning Tool and nothing.

    The button is always blue and nothing on the tv.

    If they had another solution to unbricked?

    Thank you all

    PS- Championwa Thank you for your answer

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Khadas VIM4 SBC
Khadas VIM4 SBC