Manga Screen 2 is Smartphone Touchscreen Display with USB and HDMI Ports for Makers (Crowdfunding)

Most touchscreen displays aimed to be connected to a development board work through a display interface such as MIPI DSI or LCD RGB (and USB or I2C for touch support), and come with somewhat low resolution such as 800×480 which can be suitable for HMI applications. They also often don’t work with all boards due to the different interfaces used, and there’s no way to easily connect such small display to your computer. Taking those limitations into account, and since most boards and computers come with HDMI and USB ports, Elias Bakken and his team have added HDMI and USB ports to two smartphone displays, and Manga Screen 2 was born.

The two displays – made by Sharp – have the following hardware specifications:

Big (5.9”) Small (4.8”)
Resolution 1920×1080 1280×720
FPS (max) 60 57
Color mode 24-bit
PPI 376.2 307.9
Brightness 400 cd/m2 500 cd/m2
Contrast ratio 1000:1 800:1
Viewing angle 80 degrees
Power draw (max.) 600 mA 520 mA
Active area 129.6 x 72.9 mm 105.6 x 59.4 mm
Weight ~95 grams TBD
Outline size 150 x 82 mm TBD
Touch points 10

They added the electronics to convert HDMI signals to whatever interface the displays use, and a micro USB port for power and the touch screen interface. So those should pretty much be play and plug, and work with Raspberry Pi, ODROID, BeagleBone Black and other boards, as well as your computer, laptop, etc…
The project has launched on Kickstarter with the goal of raising 300,000 NOK (~$37,100 US). Rewards start at ~$83.5 US for the smaller 4.8″ screen, and ~$94 US for the 5.9″ screen. Those are early bird rewards, and retail price should be $99 for both displays? (Maybe a mistake on KS). Shipping adds 85 NOK ($10.5), and delivery is scheduled for October to the big screen, and December for the small one.

Potential projects include home automation interface, standalone Spotify player, pet food dispenser, 3D printer interface, and any project that may benefit from a ~5″ touchscreen display. The promo video demonstrates some of those applications.

Thanks to Nanik for the tip.

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6 years ago

I have backed the first breed of Manga Screens back in the day 😉
Elias, the creator is a very nice guy who puts in alot of effort into making it a top notch product while being on time for the expected delivery!

And, he opensourced everything… it took a little bit of time to have a decent wiki page around it, but it’s done and clean, no doubt these ones will be just as good !

Nobody of Import
Nobody of Import
6 years ago

Well, then, I think I might back this one with the understanding that it still might not make. These things have unbelieveable specs and promise higher end function in a small package.

6 years ago

> Rewards start at ~$83.5 US for the smaller 4.8″ screen, and ~$94 US for the 5.9″ screen. Those are early bird rewards, and retail price should be $99 for both displays?

So on the conservative end, you’re saving 20% through Kickstarter.

Yeah, that’s not enough of a discount for me to bite. KS projects are universally late, and many have failed to even ship a final product. 20% discount is not enough to assume the risk.

Nobody of Import
Nobody of Import
6 years ago

Heh. I’ll bite- you’re not BUYING the thing. You’re VC-ing the thing, with the plus of a possible unit in return as the “interest” you got for your funding.

Once you understand this, and with a previous success (past performance does not fully indicate success- but in this case, it is a good sign…), it’s worth venturing around $100. If you don’t…or enough doesn’t…you may not get the device…ever.

I’m okay with investing with the possibility of nada. It can be written off of Taxes in the US.

Nobody of Import
Nobody of Import
6 years ago

One of the things people need to **QUIT** doing is acting like you’re buying with a “discount” and the like with Kickstarter and Indegogo. You’re **INVESTING**. There is a difference.

6 years ago


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