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Hello CNX readers. Karl here. I am looking for some inspiration on a practical project to design and print from scratch. I am hoping someone might come up with an idea. I will share on Thingiverse, and I will ship it to you if you live in the continental United States. I will only do the plastic part.

For example I just finished a bench power supply from an old PC power supply with the standard voltages and variable one from 2 to 30 volts. This has been done a million times already so just did it for personal use.

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It will be designed in Fusion 360. I can screen capture the build process, and speed up and put on YouTube if interested. Leave feedback in the comments below. Thank you for your help.

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Micro or mini-arcade maybe, perhaps based on Raspberry Pi Zero W and a small OLED display. Preferably using a relativly cheap board and display plus s microswitches. In such a project I think that the tricky part would be to design the actual mechanical joystick and buttons as I don’t believe that you can buy a very small ardace joystick or buttons. Perhaps use the needed springs from ball-point pens. Not even sure how small microswitches there are available at a low cost but they need to be fast and durable enough to last a while so that you don’t have to fix it all the time.

Jean-Marc Delaplace
Jean-Marc Delaplace

Another idea would be an electric actuator to turn the key of a regular door lock. I have designed one for 3D printing using Sketchup, but did not go any further mainly because of the cost of having the parts printed.


Maybe a case for UPSide – design and implementation of an open-hardware/open-source UPS https://gitlab.com/esr/upside