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SudoProc is a Tiny LGA System-on-Module Based on Rockchip RK3288 SoC

Most systems-on-module are designed to be inserted into a baseboard thanks to an edge connectors or one or more board-to-board connectors, although I’ve also seen some with castellated pins allowing them to be soldered to the carrier board.

The guys at Sudo Systems LLC have taken a different approach as they went with a custom designed 210-pin LGA (Land grid array) module instead, which is based on Rockchip RK3288 processor, and extremely compact at  65 x 40 x 4.3 mm.

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SudoProc module specifications:

Block Diagram – Click to Enlarge

LGA packages have been traditionally found in x86 processors so you could insert them into sockets, and easily replace or upgrade the installed one with a compatible processor, and while in theory the LGA210 package could be inserted into a socket, SudoProc modules relies on a custom design, so there’s no corresponding LGA210 socket for sale on the market, and instead the module will have to be soldered to be baseboard/carrier board.

On the software side, SudoProc modules come with a pre-installed in-house SudoOS operational systemm based on Linux, and best used for single app solutions and bringing up a new board. The company also shows icon for Android, Ubuntu, Debian, the Yocto Project, and Qt, but it’s unclear whether those are officially supported by the company.

The module is shown above soldered on a HDMI TV stick, and Dejan Gajsek – who appears to be the public face of the company – mentioned “it’s perfect for multimedia devices, autonomous driving and IoT”. The module is fitted with an aluminum heatsink which should help with cooling, but despite the company’s claim I’m not convince this will be sufficient in all cases, especially if your application gets close to the 85°C ambient temperature limit.

SudoProc has already been launched according to a G+ post, with the design made in Slovenia, and manufacturing in Europe, but pricing is not publicly available. Further details can be found, and sample(s) request be made, on the product page.

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