RasPad is a Tablet Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and Other Development Boards (Crowdfunding)

Many people interesting in coding and working on projects with the Raspberry Pi  just likely connect the board to a monitor, USB keyboard and mouse, and to a power adapter, but if you are interested in having some more compact and portable RasPad tablet kit may be for you.

The kit is compatible with Raspberry Pi boards, including the latest Raspberry Pi 3 B+, as well as other Arm/x86 Linux development boards including Tinker Board, LattePanda or BeagleBone Black. [Update: The design likely only works with RPi form factor, so if you use other boards with HDMI output, you may have to leave them out of the housing]

RasPad key features:

  • Display – 10.1″ IPS touch screen
  • Video – HDMI port
  • Audio – 2W speaker, audio jack
  • Misc – 3 buttons (volume/brightness +, volume/brightness -, power), micro “USB touch” port
  • Battery – Good for about 3 hours
  • Power Supply – Via DC barrel jack
  • Supported boards – Raspberry Pi B+/2/3/3 B+, TinkerBoard, BeagleBone Black, LattePanda, possibly other boards with RPi form factor

The tablet leaves even space to connect the ribbons cables for the 40-pin expansion and Raspberry Pi camera, so you can still use accessories without having to leave the tablet enclosure opened.

The software relies on Raspberry Pi ecosystem, and the main benefits is the compact and portable form factor. A larger battery might have been a bonus.

The project was successfully funded on Indiegogo earlier this month from over 1,000 backers, but we could still pledge for four kits through Indiegogo’s Indemand program:

  • $149 Early Bird RasPad with power adapter, mini USB microphone, handbook, and RasPad
  • $209 Early Bird RasPad Kit adding a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ board, a micro SD card and a Bluetooth keyboard & touchpad to the above
  • $269 Early Bird RasPad Beginner Kit adding a sensor kit (around 30 sensor modules) to the RasPad Kit above
  • $755 Early Bird RasPad Kit with uArm Robot Arm with Vision Camera

Worldwide shipping is already included in the price, and delivery is planned for June 2018.

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17 Replies to “RasPad is a Tablet Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and Other Development Boards (Crowdfunding)”

      1. It’s a *huge* wedge shaped plastic box with an integrated touchscreen. A tablet is IMO something entirely different.

        BTW: resolution of the screen is 1280×800 so good luck with other boards than Raspberry Pi if the display board does not provide correct EDID data.

        And seriously: if I would want a lowend Linux tablet I would get myself any Allwinner A64 10″ tablet with same low resolution. Way better and less expensive than the wedge above.

    1. I’d, because it has full HD resolution and sometimes I just want to do something from couch and bed.
      and Pinebook doesn’t have WiFi 5 GHz (which is the main reason, why I’d buy this), USB 3.0 as Pine H6, Rock64 and so on.

        1. Oh, that’s good point. I thought this has full HD resolution, when I looked at their campaign. My fault! Thanks for pointing it out.

      1. .. 5GHz dongle is just £8 .. not the reason to buy this pile of crap.
        and where did you dream of USB3.0 ??? in Raspberry PI ?

  1. Speaking of Pi

    Phoenix Contact has introduced a housing for Raspberry Pi minicomputers which are designed to provide Raspberry Pi B2 and B3 models with mechanical and physical protection.


    The UCS-RPI series of light grey or black housings offer IP40 degree of protection are available in the sizes 125 mm x 87 mm and 145 mm x 125 mm.

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