Ebyte Offers Low Cost Wireless Modules for LoRa, Zigbee, NB-IoT, Bluetooth, and More

Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology Ltd (or just Ebyte for short) is a company based in Western China that design and manufacturer low cost wireless modules for LoRa, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NB-IoT & GPRS cellular connectivity, many of which appear to be FCC certified.

The list of modules is way too long, so I’ll just have a look at two products from the company: Ebyte E32-915T20D LoRa 915 MHz module and Ebyte ME3612 NB-IoT wireless module.

Ebyte E32-915T20D LoRa 915 MHz module


  • Connectivity
    • Semtech SX1276
    • LoRa 900~931MHz (default: 915 MHz), 32 channels
    • Range – up to 3 km with 20 dBm power, 5 dBi antenna
    • Data rate – 2.4 kbps (default), configurable to 0.3, 1.2, 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 19.2 kbps
    • Rx Sensitivity – -138dbm at 0.3kbps
  • Expansion – 7-pin header 2.54mm pitch with UART, USART host interface
  • Power Supply – 2.1 to 5.5V DC
  • Power Consumption – Standby: 2.0 uA; Tx: 120 mA at 20dBm; Rx: 14 mA; average: 30 uA
  • Dimensions – 36 x 21 mm (excluding SMA connector)
  • Weight – 6.7grams (with SMA connector)
  • Temperature Range – Operating:-40 ~ +85℃; storage: -40 ~ +125℃
  • Humidity – 10% ~ 90% relative humidity, no condensation

You’ll find more details including an 18-page user manual in the product page. This module is sold for $9.06 on eBay,  and $9.49 on Aliexpress.

Ebyte ME3612 NB-IoT wireless module.



  • Connectivity
    • Narrow band cellular IoT (NB-IoT) network communication, using about 180KHz bandwidth
    • Download: 34Kbps; upload: 66Kbps
    • Bands:
      • B3  1710 ~ 1785MHz (TX), 1805 ~ 1880MHz (TX)
      • B5  824 ~ 849MHz (TX), 869 ~ 894MHz (TX)
      • B8  880 ~ 915MHz (TX), 925 ~ 960MHz (TX)
    • SIM/USIM card compatible;
    • Complies with 3GPP TS 27.007, 27.005 AT command
  • Supply Voltage – 3.4V ~ 4.2V (typical 3.8V)
  • Low power modes – PSM, EDRX
  • Dimensions – 30 x 30 x 2.3mm; 80-pin LCC package

I could not find a product page on the official website, but a ZIP file includes all documentation mostly in Chinese, but also in English, as well as Windows based tools (e.g. ZTE Log Catching Tools ) and drivers.

The module does not appear to be particularly inexpensive however, as it is sold for $39.69 on eBay. There’s no such Ebyte module on Aliexpress, but interestingly the exact same module is sold under another brand (Gosuncn) for just $17.14 shipped.

You’ll find more modules with pricing on Ebyte stores on eBay and Aliexpress.

Thanks to Christopher for the tip.

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