Facebook Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset Launched for $199 and Up

Oculus has developed virtual reality headset for several years, starting with VR development kits, before launching consumer VR headsets working with either a powerful computer (Oculus Rift), or a smartphone (Oculus Gear VR).

But the company – now part of Facebook – has more recently been working on an all-in-one virtual reality headset called Oculus Go that works without external hardware, and launched it today starting at $199.00.

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Oculus Go specifications:

  • SoC – Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 octa-core Mobile VR Platform
  • System Memory –
  • Storage – 32 or 64GB storage
  • Display – 5.5″ display with 2560 x 1440 resolution; 538ppi; up to 72 Hz refresh rate
  • Fresnel lenses
  • Audio – Built-in spatial audio and integrated microphone
  • Battery – Lithium-Ion battery good for about two hours for games to up to 2.5 hours for streaming media and video.
  • Dimensions – 190mm x 105mm x 115mm
  • Weight – 468 grams

The company explains 32GB of storage will allow for 3 HD films, 10 games and 20 apps,  while 64GB supports up to 7 HD films, 20 games and 40 apps.

The virtual reality headset ships with a controller include a touch surface, a trigger, and back & home buttons, as well as a 10 Watts USB charger, and a glasses spacer.

Oculus Go is said to support over 1,000 games, “experiences”, and apps at launch, including Al Jazeera’s Contrast VR, Jurassic World: BLUE, Anshar Online multiplayer space shooter game, and Catan VR board game.

Facebook also provides the Oculus app for Android and iOS to configure Oculus OS headset, and discover the latest VR titles.

Oculus Go can be used with or without glasses, but in the past I used a VR headset with my glasses, and it worked, but it was not overly comfortable.  Contact lenses are an option, but are not suitable for everybody, so I was pleased to see FramesDirect offer VirtuClear prescription lenses for Oculus Go.  The lenses cost $79.99 and are available for prescriptions within the following ranges: SPH: 0 to -8.0 | CYL: 0 to -2.0 | PD: Minimum 52.

Sadly, VirtuClear lenses only ship to the US, so you’d have to go through a mail forwarder if you live in another location and are interested in that accessory kit.

Oculus Go itself sells in 23 countries for $199 with 32GB storage, and $249 with 64GB. More details can be found in the developer’s blog, and in reviews from sites like TheVerge and CNet.

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5 Replies to “Facebook Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset Launched for $199 and Up”

  1. Unfortunately the Xiaomi version hasn’t be released – so still not available here in China 🙁

    Has anyone played with the SDK? From what I’ve read, it’s Android based (which makes sense.. for comparability with GearVR) so does that mean you have to fight the Android NDK tools?

    Wonder if someone will get Armbian or something running on it… (though I don’t know anything about the hardware support. Maybe that’s crazy haha)

  2. Let’s face it: This is a 3D porn viewer, that you can also use to play some simple games.
    Battery capacity is just enough for a relaxing evening.

    1. So far the top-end games are more simple than the Rift/Vive level, but have been impressive enough to be pleasantly surprised what they pulled off. 3D pr0n? You only need Google Cardboard for that… X-D

  3. Certainly a nice piece of engineering but the latest wave of VR hype is ending/has ended. I doubt this’ll sell much just like all the other VR products. Although, the PSVR sold a lot but, from some reports, actual continued usage is extremely low.

    Let’s see how long Facebook is willing to continue throwing money at this.

    1. Based on what I’ve been watching in the Southern Florida area at the kiosks…they can’t keep them in the Best Buy’s. Selling them like hotcakes.

      Usage appears to be mixed at the high-end, but the thing is…the PS VR _**ISN’T**_ the thing to compare to. It’s actually suboptimal in many ways- and there’s a lot less “good” content for it than even the Go has available for it.

      VR’s a mixed bag. It’s not matching up to the hype, more because it was too soon- but it’s nothing like what you’re claiming all the same.

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