DFRobot 7″ HDMI Display with Touchscreen Sells for $69

There are plenty of HDMI displays, but if you want a smaller size it become more complicated although some 7″ HDMI displays are available.

However, if you want to add touchscreen support, then the choice becomes even more scarce, especially if you want a neatly packaged solution. That’s why DFRobot’s 7″ HDMI display with a 5-point touchscreen may be interesting, and as a bonus it also features mounting holes for Arduino & Raspberry Pi boards.HDMI Touchscreen Display


  • Display – 7″ display with 1024×600 resolution @ 43 Hz (60Hz is possible, but not recommended as it will not be full screen)
  • Interfaces – HDMI input for video, micro USB port for touchscreen
  • Voltage & current – 5V @ 160 mA with HDMI connection (1.2A max)
  • Dimensions – 183 x 100mm;  mounting hole size: 3.1 x 6mm
  • Weight – 328g

Despite the 1.2A maximum current, the company claims an external power supply is not needed for the display, and one can simply use a USB port from the host computer, board, or device. However, they recommend a 5V/1.5A power supply when the display is driven by a Raspberry Pi boards, as a lower current will reduce touching sensitivity.

Raspberry Pi HDMI Display with Touchscreen
V1.0 Board Shown Above. V2.0 board is now available with a slightly different mechanical design

No drivers are needed for operating, but you may still need to install some USB tools if you plan to update the firmware, and Raspberry Pi board must be configured in a specific way as explained in the Wiki.

If you are interested, the 7″ HDMI display with capacitive touch is sold for $69 plus shipping. DFRobot is not the only company with such solution, as Adafruit offers 5″ and 7″ models, and Lilipu Direct sells more expensive models with full enclosure.

All those work but I find the HDMI + micro USB solution to be suboptimal for devices with a USB type C port whose cable could carry both video and data, so a single cable would be needed. I could find some touchscreen displays with a USB type C port, but they apparently don’t use it for video signal, only USB (touchscreen) data. So either my Web search-Fu let me down, or we simply need to wait a little longer for USB type C touchscreen displays…

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Rogan Dawes
Rogan Dawes

Would love to see a tablet motherboard replaced with an HDMI+LCD controller, with USB-C connector. Could benefit from economies of scale by approaching the OEM(s) to purchase housing and LCD/touchscreen assembly. Only potential oddity would be the front camera aperture from the original tablet. But sufficient volume would allow for that to be covered up during manufacturing.
You could even use the existing headphone jack to allow analogue audio out, or use the original tablet speakers, etc, etc.
By removing the battery, you could make space for mounting hardware (VESA, etc).

Rogan Dawes
Rogan Dawes

As an aside, is it possible to have a dual-mode cable with an HDMI *and* USB-A connector on one side, and USB-C connector on the other side, that will allow an arbitrary HDMI capable device to send video to a display with a USB-C connector, while powering the display via USB2 (and potentially accessing the touch screen data)?

Everything I have found so far seems to assume the other direction is more preferable, allowing newer USB-C capable devices to send video to an older HDMI display.

I suspect the answer may be no, because enabling USB-C Alternate modes requires negotiating a Power Delivery mode first, but perhaps that could be done in the cable?

Rogan Dawes
Rogan Dawes

Alternatively, completing the DisplayLink kernel device emulator driver here (https://github.com/kopasiak/f_dl_ffs) would allow arbitrary Linux tablets to enable a DisplayLink mode, with suitable host-side drivers. And of course, expose the touch screen via a standard HID interface.


a bit more expensive, but you get 1080p in 6″: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1924187374/manga-screen-2


I don’t know for sure, but it looks like the LS059T1SX01 LCD that’s easily available from China: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/5-9-inch-Transflective-Full-HD-1080-1920-1080p-LCD-screen-display-with-HDMI-to/32829608445.html

Wonder if they’ve cobbled together their own driver board, or use the Toshiba(?) mipi hdmi circuit? In any case $99 sounds pretty good, even though it could have used a real enclosure.