SySTOR (Micro) SD Card Duplicators Can Handle Up to 200 SD Cards

So this week-end, I started to play with ROC-RK3328-CC (Renegade) board that I received from T-Chip / Firefly-Team and as always, I used Etcher to flash the firmware images to micro SD cards. Once flashing is complete, you’ll get a screen mentioning Etcher Pro, a standalone hardware solution allowing to duplicate the content of one micro SD card to 16 other cards.

That’s very interesting if you need to duplicate many cards for a project, but the only problem is that the device is not available just yet. So I thought such equipment must already exist and indeed, a company called SySTOR offers such systems able to duplicate one (micro) SD card to up to 199 other (micro) SD cards.

Systor SD Card Duplicator
SySTOR 1 to 199 SD Card Duplicator – Click to Enlarge

Some of the specifications & key features of the system:

  • Processor – Multi-core processor
  • System Memory – 256 MB DDR3
  • Capacity – Various models from 4 to 200 micro SD card / SD card slots allowing the duplication of one SD card to many.
  • Display – Real-time display on LCD screen
  • Features
    • Copy
      • Up to 2GB/min(33MB/s)
      • Synchronous and Asynchronous copy modes
      • Option to copy systems and files data only or the whole media
    • Erase – Quick and full erase function that conforms on the DoD data security standards
    • Format – 3 modes: Auto, FAT, and FAT32
  • Misc – Status LED;  UP, DOWN, OK, ESC button
  • Power Supply – 115V/230V
  • Certification – CE, FCC, RoHS
SySTOR 1-to-7 SD Duplicator
1-to-7 SD Card Duplicator

It seems straightforward to use, and the system can easily be purchased on Amazon. However, the price for such equipment is not exactly cheap with the barely useful 1 to 3 SD card duplicator already costing $495, while the 1-to-7 model going for $540, and the massive 1-to-199 SD duplicator shown at the top could be yours for $20,995.00 *only*. It should be worth the money for businesses since it will save many man-hours.

Etcher Pro promises to be faster and less expensive than a traditional Disk Duplicator and boast more features.  For reference SySTOR 1-to-15 model sells for $1,190.00, so hopefully Etcher Pro will be significantly cheaper once it comes out.

Etcher Pro SD Card Duplicator
3D Rendering for Etcher Pro
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