Embedded Recipes 2018 Videos and Slides Released

Embedded Recipes 2018 happened in Mozilla building in Paris, France on September 24 & 25, where developers talked about “open source solutions in the embedded world: developer, contributor, tools, platforms…”

We previously mentioned the event in a post about an open source video decoder driver for Amlogic S905, S905X and S912 processors with BayLibre scheduled to talk about their work there.

There’s now released slides and videos for the event for all sessions including:

  • SoC+FPGA support in 2018 by Marek Vasut
  • Shared memory and telemetry by Yves-Marie Morgan
  • Updating an embedded system with swupdate by Charles-Antoine Couret
  • Finding sources of latency in your system by Steven Rostedt
  • Io(M)T Security: A year in review by Rayna Stamboliyska
  • Using yocto to generate container images for yocto by Jérémy Rosen
  • linuxboot by Jean-Marie Verdun and  Trammell Hudson
  • End-to-end software production for embedded by Guy Lunardi
  • WooKey: the USB Battlefront Warrior by Mathieu Renard, Ryad Benadjila
  • EBBR: Standard Boot for Embedded Platforms by Alexander Graf,  Grant Likely
  • Upstream Multimedia on Amlogic SoCs : From fiction to reality by Maxime Jourdan
  • Booting faster with U-Boot Falcon mode by Fabien Lahoudère
  • Installing  a Yocto generated image on PicoZed based board  by Christian Cherreyre

You can also access the videos directly on YouTube, and I’ve embedded the Amlogic multimedia video below.


The presentation slides can be accessed on Slideshare.

Thanks to Nobe for the tip.

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