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donateHey Karl here with a short post…I know everyone on here has their hobbies and thanks to Jean-Luc, and Gearbest I have been able to explore 3D printing for nearly 2 years. I want to express gratitude towards 3 extremely active individuals who help 3D printing, and donate a lot of their time.  They help and rarely get showcased on their own.


Thinkyhead aka Scott Lahteine

You may not know Scott but I’m sure his code is in your 3D printer. Over the past two years I’ve opened a couple issues on Marlin on the Github page and he has helped out both times. I’m writing this today to encourage everyone to contribute to Scott’s Patreon. Marlin is at the cusp of releasing 2.0 which brings a lot a change and a lot of work. One thing that all the printers I have reviewed have in common is Marlin firmware. Marlin is an open source project and is developed by individuals like Scott.

This summer Scott was showcased on Thomas Sanladerer channel. Check it out.

Bottom line is if you have the means throw Scott a buck a month. His goal for next year is to develop Marlin 100% of the time and get 2.0 out.


Foosel aka Gina Häußge

The second contributor I wanted to feature is Gina. Gina is the sole maintainer of Octoprint. Octoprint is an application that is typically installed on a Raspberry Pi and connects to your 3D printer to provide a nice web GUI and you can manage your printer with it. I am simplifying Octoprint considerably. If you have never heard of Octoprint check out the site. It is extremely versatile and Gina is always adding new features.

You can get to know Gina a little more here. Thomas did an interview just last month.

Gina is another worthy donation candidate.

CNXsoft aka Jean-Luc Aufranc

Lets not forget Jean-Luc. Not necessarily 3D printing related but he is just a cool dude who writes this blog you check out everyday. I couldn’t live with myself without including him. Become a Patreon…just do it.

The end

If you know of any individuals that should be getting more attention let me know in the comments below. Thanks

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