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Omron HeartGuide Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor is Finally Available

Way back at CES 2016, Omron showcased Project Zero BP6000 wearable blood pressure monitor that was meant to be an FDA approved blood pressure monitor fitting into a watch form factor and starting to sell for $200 at the end of 2016.

But the device was not particularly eye-pleasing and FDA approval is really hard, so they unveiled the thinner and prettier Project Zero 2.0 model the next year at CES 2017 with the goal of releasing the device sometimes in 2018 for $300. The good is that the product – now called HeartGuide – will up for pre-order, and slated to ship in January 2019. Sadly, the cost has gone way up since it now sells for $499, and will only ship to a US address.

HeartGuide (BP8000-M) wearable blood pressure monitor technical specifications:

The monitor ships with a paper sizing guide, an instruction manual, a quick start guide, a charging clip, a power adapter, a charging cable, and two replacement cuff sleeves.

The wristband includes assistant and main cuffs that will tighten when taking measurements. That’s a much more convenient method than the typical blood pressure monitor that fits around your arm, and may be an hassle, so some people may skip doing it.

Omron will release a mobile app called HeartAdvisor, which I can’t find yet, but will be available for Android or iOS. The app will help the patient monitor his/her blood pressure, activity and sleep quality, track trends and health history over time, provides daily actionable insights based on your personalized data, and more. The company also claims the monitor “facilitates focused dialogue with your doctor, and access real-time heart health coaching”.

More details cane be found on the product page.

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