Introducing CNX Election Meddling System

We love what we do at CNX Software, covering news, product launches, reviewing various types of boards and devices related to embedded systems. But we are also trying to expand our readers’ and our own horizon, always on the look out for unmet market needs that may be filled by the community at large.

A few years ago, we found out that while democracy was all good, about people power and blah blah, it could create severe mental stress to the losing side,  with talks of dark days for democracy, the end of the country as we know it, and so forth and so on. So we thought about ways to either help change the election outcome, at least lower the blow by making people feel they did the best they could possibly do beside just throwing a piece of paper in a box. That’s why we came up with a solution, and are proud to introduce CNX Election Meddling System.

CNX Election Meddling SystemThe hardware is comprised of tiny Arm Linux boards arranged in a cluster, and running the latest mainline Linux kernel, with our specialized AI-powered election optimization & meddling system working as well at home, as it does abroad thanks to the software, language, and intelligence specialists involved in the project. The system is mostly destined to work on its own, so politicians and volunteers can focus on offline tasks. The platform can easily scale to target large cities, to states/regions, and even countries, and as a rule of thumb we’d generally recommend one meddling system per one million voters, meaning you could cover the entire United States with just around 150 systems placed in various parts of the country.

Some of the key features of CNX Election Meddling System include:

  • AI Powered News, Ad & Meme Generator – Our system will automatically generate news, ads and memes either favorable to your selected candidate, or detrimental to your opponents.
  • Automated Smart Social Sharing & Ad Distributions – Our bot running in CNX Election Meddling System(s) will analyze social media groups, and websites, and publish the AI-generated news, ads, and/or memes in relevant groups and website, at a time of the day that generates the most impact.

    CNX Election Meddling System Sample Media
    Sample Ad Generated and Distributed by CNX Election Meddling System

  • IoTGodSendTM – Who wants to pay for Google Ads? Clearly nobody, and luckily thanks to the Internet of Things and ISP routers with open ports or/and default passwords, our system can scan IP addresses on the Internet in your target locales looking for vulnerabilities in order to install our goodware in potential voters local networks, so that they can be served ads, news, or memes without going through third party services. You only pay once for the option, and then serving media resources is free, This option is recommended for large scale operations.
  • VirtualFlaresTM – Some people at some level in the government may not quite like what our systems are doing, so we are covering our & your tracks with randomized MAC address, and operate through the Tor Project and other IP address randomization methods. We also have an option to increase the number of IP address from a specific region or country.
  • NotMeTM – In case our goodware is discovered we’ve made sure to implement features that will send the most astute of intelligence officers in the wrong track by leaving clues is was designed and injected by a foreign source.  Some of the key ways to achieve this feat to make sure to active the software in time zones that would lead them to believe it is operated from a specific country, and we also added foreign language strings to further throw them offtrack. Here are some of the string generated inside the binary to clearly place the blame on foreign powers:

Je suis français, c’est vrai.
คนไทยจริงๆ ไม่ได้โกหก
Путин это сделал

  • Opposition Research Generation – Our bot will also browse resources online to find negative news, fake or real, about your opponent(s), in order to generate credible reports with compromising AI-generated photos, and audio recording serving as proof. In the next few years, we should also have the ability to generate realistic and convincing videos in order to further the goals of our customers.

We’ve also been working on offering soft services through our media contact, collaboration with intelligence agencies, in order to help customer distributes news and research and further amplify the effects of our system.

While we’re announcing CNX Election Meddling System public today, we’ve been working in beta for several years, and satisfied many customers as shown by some of their anonymous testimonies:

Fantastic. Highly recommended. Believe me – Donald T.

We have tanks, but CNX election meddling system is great for mind shaping – Prayut C.

Very effective to manipulate the masses, and I’m eagerly waiting for the yellow vests contingency plan option – Manu M.

Ha ha ha ha – Vladimir P.

At CNX Software, we believe in the democratization of technology, and election meddling should not be reserved to foreign governments or large entities. Our affordable CNX Election Meddling System achieves just that by bringing back the power to where it belongs: THE PEOPLE!

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9 Replies to “Introducing CNX Election Meddling System”

  1. Wow!!! you almost got me!!! since when did cnx become platform for politics?? then i saw today’s date!! phew…

    1. He *MIGHT* place an order? Mr. T. was one of the first beta testers, and he has a few systems up and running as we speak 🙂

  2. I suggest pricing these at around $35,000, Prayut’s cronies thought that was good value for a bomb detector made of an empty box with a couple of witching sticks, so you should expect to see serious expressions of interest in this device.

  3. Are your sure the SoC don’t have a Hauwei, Allwinner backdoor and have you taken steps to ensure the SoC used, lies about its top GHz speed ?

    1. Having concerns that they might take the business of UK companies like Cambridge Analytica 🙂 ?
      It is my understanding that the Chinese do not consider those practices as lies. They just over-clocked and in some cases – over-voltage some of their ICs. This decreases the lifespan of the ICs, as a result the customer will have to purchase such products more frequently. And they say look we sell at the best price. If you have to purchase a product twice or more … that is not the best price.
      Planned obsolescence, shortening the product life-cycle is prohibited by law in Europe, but there are many products from European companies that fail after some time of usage – Lidl and many German tools … products mostly manufactured in China …. But, there is also another question, how about the US corporations, for example Broadcom, Microsoft products … ? I recently spoke Microsoft about IE9 and IE10 and why they can not be used on Windows XP, since the Bulgarian government requires those versions to access the government services. Microsoft recommended purchasing a new computer with new Windows. There response was this is how the governments and corporations operate.
      Well, in my opinion there is certainly need to change the way those governments and companies operate.

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