Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Rock64 1GB SBCs Promotions

Ameridroid has some promotions for two of the most popular single board computers on the market. The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (not B+) is now offered for $33.95, or $32.95 with CNXSUPPORTER1 coupon, with a free 16GB class 10 micro SD card pre-loaded with NOOBS.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Free microSD Card

The company also discounted Rock64 board (1GB RAM model), with the same form factor as Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, but a faster Rockchip RK3328 processor, and high-speed interfaces like USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet, making it one of the best alternatives to Raspberry Pi 3 board. You can now get it for $24.95, a discount of $5 compared to the normal price on Ameridroid. $24.95 also happens to be the price the board is sold on Pine64, but you may save on shipping depending on where you live.

eMMC module not included – Click to Enlarge

You’ll also be able to save a bit more by using one of the following three coupons:

  • CNXSUPPORTER1 for $1 off on $10+ orders
  • CNXSUPPORTER5 for $5 off on $50+ orders
  • CNXSUPPORTER10 for $10 off on $100+ orders

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1 year ago

Is it supported by Amrbian?

Here it says that the V3 is not supported:


1 year ago

The latest nightly should be if it is built from my linux-u-boot fork still.

Jon Smirl
1 year ago

Does anyone know where working source code is for Android 8 (or 9) on the Rock64? The source upload on pine64.com does not work. EGL is misconfigured inside of it so it enters a boot loop on Android trying to bring the display up.

Kleer Kut
Kleer Kut
1 year ago

The Rev 3 version of the board is still ‘coming soon’ and not yet available for purchase.