Z-Wave Long Range (LR) Promises Up to 4 Times the Range, 10-year Battery Life

The new Z-Wave Alliance Technical and Certifications workgroup, part of the Z-Wave Alliance, has announced the new Z-Wave Long Range (Z-Wave LR) specifications offering up to four times the range, support for ten times larger network, and 10-year coin cell battery life while keeping backward compatibility and interoperability

Z-Wave LR will support up to 2000 nodes on a single smart home network making it suitable for indoor and outdoor smart home applications in multi-dwelling units, hotels, and hospitals, and removing the need for repeaters.

Z-Wave Long Range

The Z-Wave LR specification will be managed and certified under the Z-Wave Plus V2 certification program that currently mandates the inclusion of the enhanced S2 security framework as well as SmartStart plug-and-play setup feature for the consumer smart home.

More details may be found on the press release and some of the sessions that were presented at Works With by Silicon Labs Virtual Conference on September 9-10, 2020.

Via EE News

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11 Replies to “Z-Wave Long Range (LR) Promises Up to 4 Times the Range, 10-year Battery Life”

    1. Competing technologies are good for the consumers and Z-Wave Plus still beat Zigbee 3.0 in interoperability and compatibility. You can still buy a Zigbee 3.0 hub/gateway/bridge/controller like and it will only work with its manufacturers own approved devices and not all devices that support Zigbee 3.0

      1. Z-Wave is also on 868MHz and 915MHz bands which give it better signal penetration and range as well as less competition and the interferance that Zigbee has on the 2.4GHz band which even overlap some channels with WiFi

    1. I’m not that familiar with Z-Wave, but I understand Z-Wave Long Range is new (announced Sept 8), and part of “Z-Wave Plus V2”. The logo is a bit confusing, as nowhere do they mention “Z-Wave Plus LR” in the press release.

      1. Yeah I’m pretty sure that ”Z-Wave Plus L2” and ”Z-Wave Plus V2” are the same thing and just a marketing rebranding of Z-Wave 700 series, which is also called Z-Wave Gen7.

        This is similar to how Z-Wave 500 series (also known as Gen5) is branded as ”Z-Wave Plus”

      2. Silicon Labs employee wrote this confirming that “Z-Wave Plus LR” = 700 series but with an ampliedfired radio to make Z-Wave Plus V2 to to 2000 meter range instead of the V2 stanard of 200 meters.

        “Z-Wave Long Range further extends this benefit by increasing the range with 4X (using the Silicon Labs Z-Wave 700 platform)”


        Vesternet also explains that “Z-Wave Plus V2” is also same as 700 Series or Gen7.


        “Z-Wave Plus V2, also known as 700 Series or Gen7, builds on the work that began with Z-Wave Plus and the incremental improvements of S2 and SmartStart. From the firmware to the chips themselves, Gen7 brings massive increases in wireless range, vastly superior security, faster operation and all while decreasing power consumption yet again.”

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