Remodo X is a Programmable Bluetooth & IR Remote Control for Raspberry Pi (Crowdfunding)

There are plenty of Bluetooth or RF remote controls on the market, but Remodo X is a little different. Mainly designed for the Raspberry Pi board, the compact Bluetooth & IR remote control comes with four buttons that can be programmed from a mobile app to launch program or trigger scripts for home automation, home entertainment, or any other function you may think of.

Remodo X specifications:

  • Connectivity
    • Bluetooth LE up to 30 meters (line-of-sight) via Realtek BLE 4.2 Class 2 chip
    • IR up to 10 meters
  • User Input – 4x keys for 8 different actions using long or short presses
  • Misc – Buzzer for “find me” function
  • Power Supply – 2x AAA batteries
  • Dimensions – 114 x 36 x 13 mm
  • Weight – 37 grams

The remote control can be programmed in the yet-to-be-released Remodo app for Android or iOS with any smartphone that comes with Bluetooth LE connectivity. The IR function supports over 6,000 branded devices including TV’s, projectors, STB’s, room-based A/C’s, fans, A/V receivers, soundbars, etc… If you’re the type of person often misplacing a remote control, the buzzer allows you to make the remote control ring from Remodo app.

Remodo X has just launched on Kickstarter with a ~$6,500 funding target. Rewards start at $20 for the beta version of the remote control, but most people may want to pledge $29 for the final products. The retail price is expected to be $40. Shipping adds a little over $10, and backers can expect Remodo beta remote control to ship in January 2021, while others should get their perks in April 2021.

Additional details may be found on the official website, where we can also see plans for Remodo VC remote control specifically designed for web video conferencing with Zoom and (Microsoft) Teams buttons, as well as buttons to mute/unmute the microphone and camera.

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8 days ago

So close! A dpad and a select button and it’d be an instant buy.

7 days ago

That’s cooking as well. Check the VC model on their website.