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Crowdfunding has really took off in 2013, with sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, as they enable start-ups to launch new and innovative products, and some established, even large companies, I’m thinking Canonical with Ubuntu Edge here, have also tapped into that market, actually shifting part of the risks from shareholders, to customers / individual funders.


In this post, I’ll go through all the crowdfunding projects, 16 Indiegogo and 25 Kickstarter campaigns, featured on between the beginning of December 2012 till the end of November 2013, to find out which ones have been a stellar success in terms of funding and on-time delivery, and those that have failed in one way or another, with some being close to looking like scams. There was a wide range of products with dealing home automation, the Internet of things, wireless Arduino compatible boards, Linux development boards, media players and more.

Let’s go straight to the subject with a table sorted chronologically.

DateProjectCrowdfunding SiteFunded?
Pledged amount / Goal
Expected DeliveryActual DeliveryComments
6. Dec. 2012StickNFindIndiegogoYes
$931,870 / $70,000
03/201304/2013There does seem to be quite a few complains on their Facebook page however
3. Jan. 2013PlayJam GameStickKickstarterYes
$647,658 / $100,000
11. Jan. 2013Crystalfontz CFA-10036KickstarterNo
$12,184 / $30,000
03/2013The board is now available from the company website
21. Feb. 2013CoolShipIndiegogoYes
(Amount unknown)
04/2013Delayed to eternityThe Indiegogo page is gone, the company (Focuswill) website too, and nobody ever got their device. The project owner apparently took the money, saw he could not make profit, and ran with the money.
7. Mar. 2013The MojoKickstarterYes
$100,490 / $7,000
20. Mar. 2013RFDuinoKickstarterYes
$352,700 / $5,000
07/201310/2013Shipping took place is several batches over 1 month starting in mid-October
12. Apr. 2013UDOO BoardKickstarterYes
$641,614 / $27,000
09/201310/2013Boards shipped in several batches in October
29. Apr. 2013CoAction HeroKickstarterYes
$12,110 / $10,000
2. May. 2013DroneShieldIndiegogoYes
$8,708 / $3,500
09/201309/2013Only a few units were shipped in September to people willing to be beta testers, and more units have been shipping slowly, with all items shipped by the end of December
28. May. 2013Aithon Motor Control BoardKickstarterNo
$8,460 / $18,000
09/2013Allegedly working with STMicro to complete the board design, but no news since June 2013.
5. Jun. 2013Scanadu ScoutIndiegogoYes
$1,664,574 / $100,000
14. Jun. 2013Digitstump DigiXKickstarterYes
$107,783 / $50,000
17. Jun. 2013Stealth Nighthawk F-117AIndiegogoYes and No (Flexible campaign)
$7,404 / $40,000
08/2013The company promised the device to backers, but to date none of them received anything
20. Jun. 2013Fargo Ethernet BoardsKickstarterYes
$20,605 / $10,800
12/2013 (R4DI)
About 15 days delay for the first board, and probably about the same for the next one.
21. Jun. 2013Babuino Stick & BoardIndiegogoNo
$9,241 / $40,000
10/2013The project appears to be canceled
23. Jun. 2013BLEDuinoKickstarterYes
$75,126 / $15,000
11/2013DelayedDelivery might occur in February
26. Jun. 2013Peloton BikeKickstarterYes
$307,332 / $250,000
11/2013 (US)DelayedProbably January in the US
30. Jun. 2013Wimoto MotesIndiegogoYes
$115,366 / $22,000
09/2013DelayedMaybe early next year
10. Jul. 2013Lernstift Digital PenKickstarterNo
£26,794 / £120,000
11/2013Development is still going on
13. Jul. 2013The Plug (renamed to Lima)KickstarterYes
$1,229,074 / $69,000
12/2013DelayedDelayed at least until spring 2014 due to software redesign
20. Jul. 2013WigWagKickstarterYes
$454,976 / $50,000
11/2013DelayedProbably at least 3 months delay
23. Jul. 2013Ubuntu EdgeIndiegogoNo
$12,814,216 / $32,000,000
05/2014Project canceled, but Ubuntu will be found on other phones
24. Jul. 2013Red Pitaya BoardKickstarterYes
$256,125 / $50,000
12/2013DelayedDelivery now expected for February 2014
25. Jul. 2013Borderless Arduino BoardIndiegogoYes
$164,303 / $12,000
09/201309/2013There was however some issues with some parcels, which are almost resolved now.
2. Aug. 2013OVO Media PlayerIndiegogoYes and No (Flexible campaign)
$37,051 / $100,000
4. Aug. 2013The “Smart Charger”IndiegogoNo
$4,306 / $80,000
11/2013Project canceled?
12. Aug. 2013HackRF SDR PlatformKickstarterYes
$602,960 / $80,000
21. Aug. 2013SparqEE CELLv1.0KickstarterYes
$72,155 / $70,000
11/2013DelayedDelivery now expected for January 2014
22. Aug. 2013Iteaduino PlusIndiegogoYes and No (Flexible campaign)
$6,319USD / $20,000
09/201309/2013On-time but shipping without tracking took a long time.
23. Aug. 2013Sky Drone FPV HDIndiegogoNo
$30,174 / $80,000
12/2013Project has carried on, and Sky Drone is available for pre-order via their website
29. Aug. 2013FlutterKickstarterYes
$149,906 / $80,000
30. Aug. 2013PressyKickstarterYes
$695,138 / $40,000
7. Oct. 2013Wizarm PVR MediaBoxIndiegogoYes and No (Flexible campaign)
$7,346 / $200,000
04/2014This flexible campaign did not reach their funding target, but backers have been promised to receive the device, as development and production will go ahead
10. Nov. 2013Ubuntu for Raspberry PiIndiegogoYes
£2,567 / £2,500
11. Nov. 2013The VERVEKickstarterYes
$38,617 / $20,000
12/2013DelayedDelivery now expected for mid-January 2014
14. Nov. 2013NinjaSphereKickstarterYes
AUD $397,346 / $115,000
20. Nov. 2013Touch BoardKickstarterYes
£122,907 / £15,000
21. Nov. 2013Neptune Pine SmartWatchKickstarterYes
CAD $801,224 / $100,000
22. Nov. 20131Sheeld Arduino ShieldKickstarterYes
$85,210 / $10,000
23. Nov. 2013Qubi Android Media CenterKickstarterNo
$34,032 / $500,000
07/2014Project will go forward on its own
24. Nov. 2013AlmaDom.usIndiegogoNo
$663 / $150,000
06/2014Campaign still in progress (sort of)

Hall of Shame

Let’s get the projects with the worse possible outcome – backers money transferred to project owner, but perks never delivered – out of the way first. The worst project featured on CNX Software has to be FocusWill Coolship. This Linux keyboard powered by Rockchip RK3066 seemed promising, but the funds have just gone to money heaven, as the devices were never delivered, the Indiegogo page has disappeared, as well as FocusWill website, the company behind the project.

Stealth Nighthawk F-117A, not the fighter jet, but an HDMI TV Stick based on Broadcom BCM2835 (as found in the Raspberry Pi) capable of running XBMC, comes in second. The campaign was never successful, as it raised $7,404 out of $40,000, but the company still got the money thanks to Indiegogo flexible funding option. The company promised the device to backers, but none of them seem to have received it.

Most Projects Are Delayed

Out of the 41 campaigns, 9 projects did not get funding at all. Out of these 9, only 2 or 3 appear to have definitely been canceled, with the others just carrying development and manufacturing on their own. So a total of 5 products will never seen the light of day, meaning although 75.6% of projects get funded, 87.8% of products may be mass-produced. The Crowdfunding reality is probably much lower, as projects getting media exposure are obviously the most interesting ones.

Failure to meet the estimated delivery is a recurring issue with most crowd-funded projects. Many are just delayed one of two, but some others go way beyond that time frame, such as PlayJam GameStick (6-month delay), and the “Plug”, now called Lima, with project completion now estimated to be in spring 2014 instead of December 2013.

Hall of Fame

The Mojo, an FPGA development board which raised an impressive $100,000, well over their initial $7,000 funding target, appears to be the only fully funded project that delivered perks on time. The project was successfully funded on March 24, 2013, and according to updates and comments, the boards shipped in April, just as promised.

Special mentions go to:

  • The UDOO board, as they were very successfully with over $640,000 pledge for the Freescale i.MX6 Linux and Arduino boards, and manage to deliver most perks in October (Starting on the 4th), against a promised delivery in September.
  • Iteaduino Plus, despite failing to gather the complete funds, still received orders because the project was on a flexible funding campaign, and managed to ship perks on September 2013, just as promised. Actual delivery took a long time however, even 2 months in some cases, due to the shipping method used.

That’s all for today. If you have a good or bad crowd-funding experience to share, feel free to do so in the comments section.

Merry Xmas everyone !!!

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6 years ago

You did not mention the Parallella board, which you also noticed here:

6 years ago

thanks for this summary table

6 years ago

Going off topic here sorry but i am going to die if i cannot get a answer. while i was playing around inside my pc something touched the gpu and i saw fire and next i noticed the gpu was making too much noise like when you forget to plugin the power to your gpu the fans tend to go full speed. i think there is no power going from the pcb to the fan and made a video about it. just wondering can i use something like rockmans deepcool like the item below or do you guys have… Read more »

6 years ago

Think you shouldn’t restrict yourself to the 2 main crowdfunding platforms…it’s worth noting that PunchThrough Design managed to successfully close about $145k (target: $20k) for Cortado using their own, just a couple of hours ago:

I had learnt about them through your blog:

6 years ago

Great survey, thanks for finding time for that! It’s a pity that latest projects didn’t fit in. I understand that it’s too early to make conclusions, but was both a great funding success and very solid project technically. It’s also that type of project where good project planning and marketing make it possible to develop not just hardware, but also software. Hardware comes and goes, but there always should be good software to run it. Recently mentioned NavSpark is also an interesting project, too bad it’s not going to reach funding with such approach (typical mistake of project… Read more »

Vinicius Tinti
Vinicius Tinti
6 years ago

It is not from 2013 but still worth to mention Cubieboard!

The project with flexible founding has reached almost twice as the pledge of U$ 50.000 and was closed earlier to meet the deadlines! I don’t remember if it did but I am very happy with it.

6 years ago

A good read on crowd-funding scams:

Also, some people are reporting/tracking kickstarter scams here:
(First link above was from this forum)

Bo Dangren
Bo Dangren
6 years ago

This is interesting. I received my Coolship last year. I assumed everyone else did, too. It was kind of a cool project, but the build quality basically sucked. I used it as a bedroom computer with an old HD monitor for about six months. I definitely got my investment out of it. I was hoping for an upgrade board for it, which was one of the selling points, and ended up on this page as a result of searching for one. I guess I’m out of luck.