Imagination IMG B-Series GPU family scales from IoT to the datacenter

Last year, Imagination Technologies unveiled IMG A-Series GPU family scaling from low-power IoT to mobile and high-performance server applications with up to 2.5 times the performance of the earlier PowerVR 9-series GPUs, as well as eight times faster AI processing and 60% less power under similar conditions.

While I’m not aware of any SoCs announced with the new IMG A-Series GPU yet, the company has already announced the next-gen IMG B-Series GPU family with up to 4 times the multi-core performance thanks to decentralized multi-core technology, 30% lower power consumption, and 2.5 times the fill rate.

BXT MC4 high-performance GPU

The company offers four types of IM B-series GPU, each optimized for specific applications

  • IMG BXE for high-resolution displays – From 1 up to 16 pixels per clock (PPC) BXE scales from 720p to 8K for UI rendering and entry-level gaming.
  • IMG BXM designed for mid-range mobile gaming and complex UI solutions for DTV and other markets.
  • IMG BXT four-core high-performance GPU generating 6.0 TFLOPs of performance, 192 Gigapixels per second, and 24 TOPS for AI
  • IMG BXS ISO 26262-capable GPUs designed for automotive applications driving infotainment, digital cockpit, ADAS, autonomous driving. It looks to compete with the recently announced Arm Mali-78AE GPU.
BXS Automotive GPU coupled with NNA AI accelerators

Thanks to the four types of GPUs described above, Imagination B-Series GPUs provide graphics solutions for mobile, consumer electronics, IoT, embedded microcontrollers, DTV, and automotive applications, and IMG BXT may even be integrated into datacentres.

IMG B-Series GPU family supports Vulkan 1.2, OpenGL ES 3.x/2.0/1.1 + extensions, OpenCL 3.0, and Android NN HAL, and the company will provide Linux (“consumer” & and Android drivers. Imagination also highlights support for IMGIC which it claims is “the most advanced image compression technology in the market: and offers four levels of compression, from pixel-perfect lossless modes to an extreme bandwidth-saving mode with guaranteed 4:1 or better compression rate.

More details can be found on the product page and press release.

Via Liliputing

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4 Replies to “Imagination IMG B-Series GPU family scales from IoT to the datacenter”

    1. I hope not. The best that could happen is that they go under and stay under and someone with a better OSS record picked up the pieces and releases docs.

  1. This is one of the worst “anti open source” companies, while profiting from opensource. Never design in Imagination Tech devices

    1. The most proprietary hardware in the industry. No one bothers even attempting to reverse engineer their GPUs instead we just buy devices free from their IP. Downright horrible company from my personal experience.

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