Orange Pi is working on a portable gaming console with Rockchip RK3588S or AMD Ryzen 7 CPU

Single board computer manufacturer Orange Pi Ltd is working on a portable gaming console that will come with either a Rockchip RK3588S processor for Android/Linux gaming, or AMD Ryzen 7 7800U/6800U for Windows gaming.

The industrial design looks to be the same for all models with a 7-inch touchscreen display, a D-Pad, two joysticks, XBOX-styled ABXY buttons, two customisable buttons on the back, two microphones, stereo speakers, three USB ports including one only for charging,

Orange Pi Portable Game Console

The Orange Pi portable gaming console will be offered in three variants when it launches in China in October during Golden Week:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor with 16GB RAM, 512GB storage running Windows 11 for an early bird price of 3,000 RMB ($434 US), or a regular price of 3,499 RMB ($506).
  • AMD Ryzen 7 6800U with Windows 11 selling for 2,000 RMB, or about $289 US (early bird price).
  • Rockchip RK3588S octa-core Arm Cortex-A76/A55 running Linux or Android (dual boot) for 1499 RMB ($217). That one will be the regular price in China.

[Update: Orange Pi’s CEO told CNX Software pricing has not been decided, so those are just estimated prices, also see comments section]

There’s no information on the Orange Pi website, with the only details coming from Bilibili, RetroDodo, Reddit, and YouTube. But I could confirm the game console was real after contacting Orange Pi. I did not manage to get extra information, however, except it will not be only for the Chinese market and they will sell worldwide after the launch in mainland China. As a side note, the Chinese website from the company does have some interesting images with a Linux smartphone and another portable game console design… But again, there’s no product page for either.

Orange Pi Linux smartphone

Orange Pi is not the first SBC manufacturer to enter the portable gaming console market, as Hardkernel has done this for years with their last model – the ODROID-Go Ultra – being the most powerful so far thanks to the Amlogic S922X hexa-core Cortex-A73/A53 processor, but still a way off the performance of the upcoming Orange Pi gaming console.

Via Liliputing.

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14 Replies to “Orange Pi is working on a portable gaming console with Rockchip RK3588S or AMD Ryzen 7 CPU”

  1. The 6800U and 7840U are in a whole other dimension from the RK3588S.

    Is that a MicroUSB next to USB-C?

  2. Those prices sounds too good to be true. Plus, who is going to get a RK3588S version when you can get a Zen 3+ or Zen 4 version?

    The RK3588 can’t even match a 4-core Zen 2 SKU…

    1. The RK3588S makes a lot of sense if the pricing is right. One model (Zen) for relatively wealthy countries and one model (RK3588S) for “emerging” countries. For some the RK3588S is a underpowered hobby/toy SBC (not judging, just stating reality). For the majority of the world it’s a viable alternative, that’s still “expensive” for a lot of people.

      1. The thing is that even for poor nations, it’s not that great. You can get much more with a 4300U and at this point those Renoir parts are everywhere. Even in my poor country.
        RK3588 is really nice for a look into what could do in the future though, I kinda wish to buy a board with it but at the same conflicted as better x86 ones aren’t that much more expensive.

  3. Do these SoCs come with thunderbolt 3/4? Throw in lapdocks and breakout cables for hdmi and you got yourself a really nice alternative for those gaming laptops the kids keep talking about… Well, maybe in a gen or two.

  4. Would make for an interesting “lightweight” portable if it could run a ‘normal’ linux install.

  5. I doubt many people will put lots of money on these if there isn’t a solid software support with a supportive community behind, and I doubt an SBC vendor like Xunlong will be able to suddenly support software, especially when it comes to RK3588S and the (in)famous rockchip BSP.

    1. The software support will get better and better for the RK3588/S.

      If you look at all of the SoC coming out at the moment (excluding chips for Android phones), the majority of them are the retro A53 variety.

      I don’t see any other equivalent chips available for SBCs anytime soon that will rival the RK3588.

      There’s good progress being made on the Rock 5b, and if oDroid release a board, then we’ll most likely see the maturity of the software rapidly increase, which will help out gaming and emulation.

      1. Yes, “there is progress”, which means that for now it’s not there yet. I.e. if you order an RK3588 device now, be prepared to have poor support. At the prices above (even if not definitive) I doubt many people will be tempted by ordering a device which will be unstable for about 2 years, they’re allowed to expect some quality. And it’s not as if Xunlong was known for mainlining code themselves…

  6. those price tags, if true, look somewhat intriguing for the amd models, which would directly compete with the steam deck. (and the probably earlier to market, but more expensive gpd win max or asus rog ally)

    but tbh, at $217 the arm model doesn’t look all that compelling to me. there is already ample competition in the “emulated gaming” market (which is not _that_ large to begin with) and we know that bare metal linux was never a priority for rockchip (or orange pi, for that matter) or they would be much more interested in mainlining their stuff.

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