STMicro launches Bluetooth 5.3/5.4 LE STM32WB09 MCU and STM32WB1MMC wireless module

STMicro has released two new Bluetooth 5.3/5.4 products with the STM32WB09 Cortex-M0+ wireless Bluetooth 5.3 LE microcontroller and the ST32WB1MMC Cortex-M0+/M4 Bluetooth 5.4 LE module for simpler designs, as well as the B-WB1M-WPAN1 evaluation board

STMicro STM32WB09 Bluetooth 5.3 LE MCU

STM32WB09 Bluetooth 5.3 LE microcontroller

STM32WB09 highlights:

  • MCU core – Arm Cortex-M0+ core running at 64 MHz
  • Memory and storage – 512 KB flash memory and 64 KB RAM
  • Wireless
    • Bluetooth 5.3 with support for up to 2 Mbps link, long-range
    • Tx Power – Up to +8 dBm
    • Rx Sensitivity
      • -97 dBm at 1 Mbps
      • -104 dBm at 125 bps
    • Direction finding support (AoA/AoD)
    • Integrated balun
  • Misc – Capacitor-less 32 MHz crystal
  • Power consumption
    • 3.9 mA Tx current
    • 3.2 mA Rx current at peak
    • 15.5 µA/MHz for the Arm Cortex-M0+ core
  •  Packages
    • WLCSP36 (2.83 x 2.99 mm)
    • VFQFPN32 (5×5 mm)
STM32WB09 block diagram
STM32WB09 block diagram

The microcontroller integrates a balun and a 32 MHz crystal and is designed for 2-layer PCBs for reduced BOM costs and simplified circuitry. STMicro provides RF reference designs, IPD chip for easy impedance matching, Bluetooth Low Energy and Mesh stacks, software, tools, and resources for development.

The company says the STM32WB09 microcontroller is suitable for skilled designers and provides a tiny package that is one of the smallest on the market right now. The STM32WB09 is available now for “high-volume OEM applications” starting at $1.36 in the QFN32 package. Further information can be found on the product page.

STM32WB1MMC Bluetooth 5.4 LE wireless module


STM32WB1MMC module key features:

  • MCU cores
    • Arm Cortex-M0+ for radio and security tasks
    • Arm Cortex-M4 CPU with FPU and ART (adaptative real-time accelerator), up to 64 MHz speed
  • Memory and Storage – 320 KB flash, 48 KB SRAM
  • Wireless
    • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.4 certified with support for up to 2 Mbps link, long-range
    • Tx Power – Up to +5.5 dBm
    • Rx Sensitivity – Up to -96 dBm @ 1 Mbps
    • Integrated chip antenna, and option for external antenna
    • Integrated IPD for reliable antenna matching
  • I/Os – Up to 27x GPIOs
  • Debugging – SWD and JTAG
  • Security – Secure firmware installation (SFI) for radio stack, PKA, AES 256-bit, RNG, PCROP, CRC, 96-bit UID, possibility to derive 48-bit UEI
  • Misc – 32 MHz radio and 32 kHz RTC crystals
  • Power Supply
    • VDD range – 1.71 to 3.6 V
    • Integrated SMPS
    • Ultra-low power modes for battery longevity
  • Dimensions – SiP-LGA77 package (10 x 6.5 mm); 2-layer PCB
  • Temperature Range – -40 to 85 °C
  • Certifications
    • Planned –  KC, NCC, SRRC

STM32WB1MMC Blutetooth 5.4 LE module

STMicro explains the STM32WB1MMC wireless module is better suited to customers who do not have access to extensive engineering skills and resources so they can create Bluetooth LE products with little to no RF knowledge. This reduces project risks and enables customers to focus on firmware development. The module leverages the STM32Cube ecosystem with, for instance, power-consumption testing using the STM32CubeMX calculator and RF testing with the STM32CubeMonRF software tool.

STMicro also provides the B-WB1M-WPAN1 evaluation board with motion, temperature, and barometric-pressure sensors to quickly evaluate the STM32WB1MMC Bluetooth 5.4 LE module and get started with firmware development before the hardware design is ready.

B-WB1M-WPAN1 Bluetooth 5.4 LE evaluation board

B-WB1M-WPAN1 highlights:

  •  STM32WB1MMC module with
    • Ultralowpower STM32WB15CCY dualcore Arm Cortex®M4/M0+ with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.4, AES256, 320 KB flash, 48 KB SRAM in a WLCSP49 package
    • RF transceiver multistandard radio Bluetooth® Low Energy, compliant with Bluetooth specification 5.4 with 1 and 2 Mbit/s transfer rates
  • Storage – 256Kbit serial I2C bus EEPROM
  • MEMS sensors
    • High-accuracy temperature sensor
    • 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope
  • Debugging
    • MIPI debug
    • STMod+
  • Misc – User LED, user and reset push-buttons
  • Power Supply
    • “External sources”
    • 5V via  USB-C connector for power only on STMod+ adapter board (not shown in the photo above)

Besides STMicro’s STM32CubeIDE, the development board is also supported in third-party IDEs such as IAR Embedded Workbench and MDK-ARM.

The STM32WB1MMC modules are in production now and available for $5.32 for orders of 10,000 units, while the B-WB1M-WPAN1 evaluation board goes for around $30 on STMicro eStore and distributors. More details may be found on the product page for the module.

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