Video Wall with Beagleboards and ffmpeg

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There was a 6-Screen Video Wall at Embedded World 2011, powered by 6 Beagleboard xM (based on Texas Instruments OMAP 3 running @ 1Ghz – Cost: 149 USD / piece), connected vi Ethernet. In the video they explain that the system is running Linux Ångström and the video is played and synchronized over Ethernet with ffmpeg. After doing some research on how to do this, they are probably using omapfbplay with netsync enabled which you can compile as follows:


However, if you are using Linux Ångström, omapfbplay with netsync is enabled by default.

This can also be done with the first version of Beagleboard (without Ethernet) via USB.

They can also control each display independently and synchronize the mouse and keyboard thanks to Synergy.

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Really would like to try this hack. I will start by purchasing two beagle boards xM for start and install Ångström linux distro which seems straight forward. Not the video sync using ffmpeg i am not sure how to get there… is there any other tutorial?


[…] some ways, this is a similar to a 3 monitorvideo wall, and in the past, I’ve seen people use ffmpeg and beagleboards to play a video on a 6 monitors setup, of course not at 12K […]