ARM TechCon 2011: Software & System Design Schedule

ARM Technology Conference 2011 LogoARM Technology Conference (TechCon) 2011 will be hosted in Santa Clara on the 25-27 October 2011.

There will be many events and classes related to Chip Design and Software & System Design.

The Software & System Design events will take place on the 26th and 27th October 2011.

Here’s the schedule for Software & System Design events for the 26th of October:

Time Class Track
11 am The 2012 Compute Subsystem Creating Smarter Systems
11 am Practical Cortex Debugging: Serial Wire Viewer and ETM Tracing Developing/Debugging
11 am Integrating a CMOS Imaging Sensor into an ARM-Based Embedded Application Human Interface Design
11 am Embedded IPv6 – Now is the time Networking & Connectivity
11 am RSA & AES Libraries protected against side-channel attacks Safety & Security
11 am Introduction to the ARM Architecture The Fundamentals of ARM
12 pm Optimizing SoC development through a common design foundation Creating Smarter Systems
12 pm Tips and Tricks for Debugging with CoreSight Developing/Debugging
12 pm Transition from Smart TV to Smart Viewing; Architectural Tradeoffs To Reach There! Human Interface Design
12 pm Performance Enhancement for Networking Application in Real Time System Networking & Connectivity
12 pm Secure implementations of content protection (DRM) schemes on consumer electronic devices Safety & Security
2:30 pm Design and development of the firts android smart watch Android/Open Source
2:30 pm AMBA 4 ACE for Heterogeneous Multi-Processing SoCs Creating Smarter Systems
2:30 pm Accessing Memory-Mapped Hardware in C (and C++) Developing/Debugging
2:30 pm Developing Best in Class User Interfaces on ARM Powered Devices Human Interface Design
2:30 pm Embedding TCP/IP, Working through implementation challenges and limitations Networking & Connectivity
2:30 pm Reliable Programming in ARM Assembly Language The Fundamentals of ARM
3:30 pm Professional Debug Solutions for Linux on ARM Android/Open Source
3:30 pm Addressing the high performance/low energy requirements of multicore platforms Creating Smarter Systems
3:30 pm USB 3 – An Introduction for Embedded Software Developers Networking & Connectivity
3:30 pm How to Select and Integrate COTS Micorcontrollers for Safety Critical Applications Safety & Security
3:30 pm Obtaining Dramatically Lower Power Consumption with ARM’s newest CPU Technology The Fundamentals of ARM
4:30 pm Debugging and Optimizing Multicore Cortex-M Processor Devices Developing/Debugging
4:30 pm Low Cost Low Power Graphics Display Solutions using Kinetis Cortex-M4 Human Interface Design
4:30 pm New ARM Cortex-R real-time processors for 4G mobile communications Networking & Connectivity
4:30 pm Securing the System with TrustZone and Global Platforms Safety & Security
4:30 pm Technology Preview: ARM’s next generation architecture The Fundamentals of ARM

Here’s the schedule for Software & System Design events for the 27th of October:

Time Class Track
11 am Harnessing the Power and Flexibility of the Mali Midgard Architecture Computing Platforms
11 am Creation and Usage of SystemC Virtual Platforms for Multi-Core System Debugging and Analysis Developing/Debugging
11 am Guidelines for Developing Efficient ARM Code in C/C++ Efficient Software Design on ARM-Powered systems
11 am Power Savvy system design through power aware drivers and CPU DVFS optimizations Low Power Design
11 am Think inside the box: A case study of complex system development using the mbed platform Microcontroller Platforms
11 am Choosing Your Next ARM Processor The Fundamentals of ARM
12 pm Bring-Your-Own: Technology for the Consumerization of Mobile IT Computing Platforms
12 pm Using Cortex-M3 exception architecture in handling system faults Developing/Debugging
12 pm Is C++ Fast Enough for Embedded Programming? Efficient Software Design on ARM-Powered systems
12 pm Managing Power Efficiently in ARM CortexTM-A5 SoC Applications Low Power Design
12 pm ARM -based ASSPs with Programmable Logic; A New Generation of Systems On a Chip Microcontroller Platforms
2 pm Android on Low Cost ARM Systems Android/Open Source
2 pm Exploiting energy-efficient ARM Many-Core technology Computing Platforms
2 pm Practical Migration of Sequential C/C++ Code to Multicore Systems Efficient Software Design on ARM-Powered systems
2 pm Virtual Prototyping for Energy Efficient Mobile Platform Design Low Power Design
2 pm Porting software from 8-bit and 16-bit architecture to the ARM Cortex-M processor; A software focus Microcontroller Platforms

If you would like to go to ARM TechCon 2011 and attend any of these sessions, you can register online. You could also pay onsite, but this is usually more expensive (See below).

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