MIPS Releases Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) Source Code

At the end of last month, MIPS announced the $125 Karbonn Mobiles Android Jelly Bean Tablet powered by Ingzenic MIPS-Based JZ4770 SoC.  Today, they released Android 4.1.1 source code for MIPS

Before downloading the Android source code, make sure you have a properly setup Linux workstation.

Here are the instructions to checkout MIPS Android 4.1.1:

You can read the release notes for more details about the current status of the MIPS Android Jelly Bean port.

Myriad Dalvik turbo, an alternative Dalvik implement that is much faster than the default Dalvik engine (at least on MIPS), is not yet available for Android 4.1, but should be soon.

All MIPS Android source code can also be viewed online at http://www.github.com/mips.

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I think the Ainol Novo 7 basic uses (/used) the same SOC, so I guess there should be Android 4.1 firmware for it soon…


Aside from some original interest in JZ4770, I think it’s just too lacking.

But these are very interesting MIPS devices, but they’re not SoC, but rather like a standard PC:



Ofcourse this one is even more interesting, but when I saw the 1000 USD pricetag on taobao, I didn’t think it was quite interesting enough: