Latest Tronsmart Prometheus Firmware Features Android 4.2 and XBMC with Video Hardware Decoding

Last month I reviewed Tronsmart Prometheus, and I was pretty satisfied with the device except some bugs. There’s no a firmware update that should fix AC3/DTS static noise issues in this set-top box. Prometheus also becomes one of the first set-top boxes to support the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.2, and comes with an XBMC version supporting hardware decode using XBMC user interface, and not an external media player such as DicePlayer or MX Player.

You can download the firmware ( 2013-3-08(4.2_root_ac3_dts_market_xbmc).zip), and install it using the upgrade procedure on Tronsmart website.

I’m on the road, so I can’t try the firmware myself right now (which also explains why I haven’t posted in the last few days), but Geekuying has upload a short video showing XBMC with video hardware acceleration on the device. (Previous firmware in Android 4.1.2).

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6 Replies to “Latest Tronsmart Prometheus Firmware Features Android 4.2 and XBMC with Video Hardware Decoding”

  1. This is a joke – it works a little but the URL is deactivated, the add-ons don’t work, you can’t even stream from your SMB shares. If Tronsmart thinks is what the XBMC users want they are wrong, epic failure and a waste of my money. The also do not follow the GPL and still have major hardware issues. BUYER BEWARE!!!

    I have tested this “update” and it is a piece of shit of an android device, only the working parts of XBMC and the potential of the device seems to meet my interest as I have no choice but to wait!! You should not have posted the article if you did not test it, this was no fix at all more like a test.

  2. @Jim Bean
    On the positive side, this post has provided your criticism with a venue that’ll get it quite highly ranked in searches, helping people avoid the trouble you’ve had with the update.

  3. @Jim Bean
    The prometheus has been receiving constant updates and fixes. This is the 6th update since December.
    All in all I like this firmware and I thinks it’s a good step forward. Not only has the DTS sound issue been fixed, and several XBMC fixes, but the android verision has also been upgraded to 4.2!

    This is a BETA firmware update. I’ve also tested this and it is a big improvement over the last firmware.
    Of course there are issues, as with any beta.

    I’ve tested SMB and FTP playback on XBMC in this update and they both work well.
    Perhaps you are referring to the previous update that had XBMC not working with network playback?

    It still has some problems that I’ve noticed:
    -audio sync issue on occasion.
    It gets a little better if you use android system settings to passthrough and leave the xbmc settings alone.
    -aspect ratio is wrong
    Using terminal emulator enter the following commands:
    chmod 777 /sys/class/video/axis

  4. On this firmware the Playstore version of Netflix doesn’t work. I found that version 1.8.1 works well.

    I made a quick file that fixes the aspect ratio in XBMC and makes the navigation bar hide in Netflix, HBO Go, Youtube, and XBMC.
    I’ve also uploaded that version of Netflix and an older version of Youtube(with full screen button) in the same thread.

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