How to Root Mele X1000 (Telechips TCC8935)

Yesterday, I’ve explained to how update firmware on Telechips TCC8935 Android TV boxes, Mele X1000 more exactly. Today I’ll show how to root the device. The method uses Vroot, a Windows-only tool, that appears to be popular recently, as it is the same tool that’s used to root Amlogic S802 based devices.

Let’s get started in a Windows PC or virtual machine:

  1. Download and install Vroot
  2. Start Mele X1000, and go to Settings->Android Settings, then in Developer options, enable USB debugging
  3. Connect a micro USB to USB cable between Mele X1000 and your Windows PC
  4. Start Vroot,. It should detect your device, download and install drivers and a daemion. Check root access in your device, and a Windows in your default language may pop up in Mele X1000. Accept.
  5. You should now see “Mele X1000 is connected. No root permissions” in Vroot, click on the green Root button to start rooting the device.
  6. Upon completion, Vroot will restart your device, it should be rooted. You can verify with an app such as Root Checker


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Toni R. Pullins
Toni R. Pullins
4 years ago

that root seems nice but search4roots more cool than that one..